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July SmartMom Contest: Win a mamaRoo!

Picture this: it’s dinnertime, and you’re not even feeling guilty about serving mac & cheese for the 8th night in a row.  The timer is beeping, your 3 year old is running around the kitchen, and you are wishing you had an extra set of arms so you could hold your 10 month old while adding cheese to the noodles.

Sound familiar?  We know you’ve probably gotten pretty skilled at doing things with one hand, but what if you didn’t have to? For the July SmartMom contest we’ve partnered with 4 moms to give you a chance to win a mamaRoo!

Check it out: 4 moms 'mamaRoo' for SmartMom

The mamaRoo’s unique shape is designed to bounce up and down and side to side – the same way you do!  It keeps your baby bouncing and happy so you can have your arms back for preparing cheesy noodles and other important things 🙂

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How to Enter the Contest:

Our contests are designed to reward the most helpful advice-giving moms in the app.  Here’s how it works: everyone who has registered for the SmartMom app is already entered in the contest. That means everyone has a change to win!  You can earn extra entries in the contest by collecting ‘stars’, which can be earned as ‘thank you’s’ for great answers and advice.

Basically, earning stars is like buying extra raffle tickets. Every star you earn in the app helps your chances of being a winner so be sure to log in every day! More questions? Check out our official contest rules.

Last Month’s Winner:

The winners of the June contest are Saleen G, Gina R, Rachel H, Jessica Z, and Claudia J. Make sure to congratulate them in the app!


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