When Will Baby Sleep Through the Night and More from Safe Sleep School

SmartMom and Safe Sleep School partners, Finnbin and BabyDoctor.com, are dedicated to creating helpful resources when it comes to keeping our sleeping babies safe. To see when will baby sleep through the night and more about safe sleep, see the top answers from our live chat with certified pediatrician, Dr. Dania Rumbak!

Top Questions and Answers from the Safe Sleep School Live Chat on SmartMom:

Q: When can I give my baby a pillow to sleep with?

A: Pillows are not safe until 1 year of age. According to the AAP, prior to 1 year there should be absolutely nothing in the crib except the baby on a firm mattress. Everything is a choking hazard including pillows and blankets.

Q: How much sleep is too much sleep?

A: Many people will say never wake a sleeping baby and that is true until a point. For the tiniest newborns, they should not go more than 3-4 hours between feeds, so you should wake them to feed. Older babies can go longer.

Q: My baby spits up all the time so we don’t sleep him on his back flat, but in a tilted bassinet or swing – is that ok???

A: Ask your doctor about whether or not to tilt your baby up during sleep in your baby’s case. However generally with babies, swings are not recommended for sleep and only should be used during the day when you are watching. The positioning is not great for their breathing. At night, babies should be on a firm surface, such as a crib or a Finnbin, with nothing else in the crib.

Q: When will baby sleep through the night?

A: The earliest you can developmentally expect a baby to sleep through the night is about 4-6 months. Some babies will sleep through by 3 months and those moms are lucky but if yours doesn’t that’s totally normal! All of them should be sleeping through by 6 months!

Thank you to Dr. Dania Rumbak of BabyDoctor.com and Catherine Merritt of Finnbin for hosting Help Baby Sleep: Safe Sleep School “Ask Me Anything” event and to all of our moms that participated in the live chat.

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