Giving these little baby shoes as a gift could be one of the ways to tell him you're pregnant.

The Father: Ways to Tell Him You’re Pregnant

Whether you’ve been actively trying to get pregnant or are totally completely surprised by those solid pink lines, one of the most exciting parts of learning you are expecting is telling your beau the wonderful news! Thanks to creative minds sharing their ideas all over Facebook, Pinterest, and the Twitter-sphere, there’s no shortage of unique ways to spill the beans. So to get your synapses firing I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ways to tell him you’re pregnant, including one of my own, that may help you plan your own perfect reveal.

Hiding it in the norm

Think of your husband’s normal routine during the day. Where does he go? What does he do? What items in your home does he always use when getting ready for work? Why not hide a “Have a great day, Daddy!” note, positive pregnancy test, or sonogram photo in a place you know your husband will see? You can quickly shift his attention from a run-of-the-mill routine to an unexpected celebration! When we learned we were pregnant with our second I put the pregnancy test inside a frame that hung above the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. I knew my husband would visit the restroom just before leaving for work so he’d have to be blind to miss it. It took him a while to realize what he was looking at but the surprise was perfect. Even if he was a few minutes late to work because of it!

Capturing the moment

Whenever I hear about great surprises I always wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see the reaction with my own eyes. You can make that happen by getting a photographer on board. Turn a casual family photo shoot into a well-documented reveal by secretly showing a pregnancy test, sonogram, or ‘Daddy-to-be’ sign behind your husband’s back. Then have him turn around and let the photographer snap away as he learns of the wonderful news! You can relive that joyous moment for years to come and even show your kids some day.

Confess it with clothes

One of the fairly popular and simple ways to tell him you’re pregnant has been using an article of clothing because you can really customize it to fit your life and family. If you are expecting your first child, simply give your husband a just because gift of a baby t-shirt that reads, “I love Daddy.” If you already have a little one you can dress them in a “Future Big Brother/Sister” shirt. And if your pet is your first child, let your fur baby greet your husband at the door wearing a “Guard Dog Duty Starts December 2015” and see how long it takes him to figure it out. Not only do you have a fun reveal but you can also put the clothes in your child’s baby book as a keepsake.

Bun in the oven

Another fun and easy reveal is guaranteed to warm your hubby’s heart and his stomach. Place a cinnamon bun on the middle rack of your oven. As you’re making dinner, ask if your husband will get part of the meal out of the oven for you. Then sit back and watch as he figures it all out. If you want to be super sneaky, have a camera ready to record his discovery and reaction. And as a bonus, you have a tasty treat for dessert!

Special delivery

If your husband is anything like mine, it’s a rare day indeed that he walks into the house after work without stopping by the mailbox first. Take advantage of this daily routine by sending your husband a small gift or card that will help you spill the beans. Whether it’s a Happy (soon-to-be) Father’s Day card or a small package stuffed with pacifiers and baby socks, he’ll quickly take pause from aimlessly sifting through the mail and realize that he’s about to get a very special delivery.

Baby bottle of booze

The last but not least of the creative ways to tell him you’re pregnant: when sitting down to the dinner table or while relaxing on the couch, offer to get your hubby a glass of whiskey (or whatever he prefers). Instead of utilizing your favorite glassware, serve it up in a baby bottle. Not only to you get a great reaction from your man, but you’ve also given him his celebratory drink!

So those are a few of my favorite ways to tell him you’re pregnant. How did you do it? Were you together when took the pregnancy test or did you shoot for something over the top and fun? Tell your story in the comments!


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