Popular Breastfeeding Questions From the SmartMom Community

Erin M asks When I’m not breastfeeding & just doing normal activities I can often feel my milk let down. Before it was just a tingly pins & needles feeling but over the last day it’s actually really really painful & not sure why.

Ezra’s M asks I haven’t breastfed my 4 1/2 month old in 2 months because I lost my supply. I have recently started pumping and I have enough to give him for a quick ‘snack’ before nap time. But today as I put my nipple near his mouth it’s like he completely forgot what breastfeeding is. He wasn’t phased at all and got annoyed as I kept trying to offer it. Do babies forget that quickly?

ProudMom M asks is it true that breastfeeding helps u with losing weight? i cant tell with me i keep gaining more:(

Jessica R asks How can you get a 2 year old to stop breastfeeding fast? I tried many things & i still don’t get her too stop.

Martha S asks I was breastfeeding my son. Now my milk has all dried up but my breasts are still very tender. How long are they supposed to stay that way?

Michelle M asks Here’s a question for all the breastfeeding moms… How long do you think is an appropriate age to stop nursing a baby?

Angie F asks I stopped breastfeeding a month ago and I feel pain on my right breast where i had gotten milk ducts constantly. Could it be possible it’s still from the breastfeeding or should I have it checked out?!

Micki O asks I have a one year old. We moved into a new house when she was 5 months old. Since we moved she will not sleep in her new room/crib. Before moving we had no problem putting her to sleep in her crib/room. She has never slept through the night. She still wakes up 3 or 4 times a night to eat, and we are still breastfeeding. We have tried just about everything, but she still only wants to breastfeed. She has never taken a bottle.

Ingred M asks I have a 17 month old daughter whom I am still breastfeeding until now.. I am 5’5″ and only weigh 102.5 lbs.. I try to eat as much as I can but I am just always exhausted, lightheaded, feeling faint, and tired also because my baby is very active. I am also taking my prenatals and extra iron supplement. Any one of you also feel like this? What can I do to feel better and gain weight? Ps. I have a high metabolism.

Diana O asks My 11 month son, only want breastfeeding. He refuse to eat food or drink in sip cup. Even to sleep it has to be on the boob. He wake up a lot at night for breastfeeding. When I go to work, he refuse to eat until I came back home to breastfeeding him. Plus, he keeps biting my boob. Now it hurt so bad when I breastfeeding him. So, I want to stop breastfeeding. What to do?

Ashley G asks What are the best foods to eat while breastfeeding?

Brittany W asks I work in a customer service setting where I don’t get set breaks so pumping is hard. I start pumping and a customer will walk in so I have to stop. Am I hurting my supply by doing little bit (sometimes 5 mins) at a time? Do I need to just wait until I get off work to pump it all out? I don’t want to give up on breastfeeding so I don’t want to supplement!!

Brittany C asks Does any Mommy’s that breastfeed have any tips to lose weight? I know it’s hard to really pick a diet plan that won’t hurt your baby or make your milk supply decrease. I want to try Herbalife but everything I read so far doesn’t sound like I should start at diet until I’m done breastfeeding. Please help, thanks! 🙂

Kim S asks I have a couple bald spots hidden underneath all my long hair larger than the size of a quarter. I’m also losing lots of hair. I’m breastfeeding and my daughter is 5 months. Any suggestions. I’m already taking prenatal vitamins.

Carlye M asks My daughter is 8 weeks and I’ve been breastfeeding her. Today is the first time I’ve tried a bottle of breast milk with her but she seems to only like to chew on the nipple of the bottle. How long does it take for a baby to get used to a bottle after breastfeeding? I go back to work next month and need her to take a bottle when I’m at work.

Brittany H asks Anyone know of some yummy smoothie recipes to make that can help with weight lose to have after my workouts? Also is it safe for my baby if I use protein powder in them sense I’m breastfeeding him?

Denneen G asks Ok ladies.. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can stop breastfeeding? My baby girl is almost 11 months now. And I want my boobs back. She eats solids pretty good, but will not take a bottle, I can get her to drink about 3 oz of formula or pumped milk out or a sippy, but that takes work! She pulls on my top and scoots down when ever she wants some and throws a fit if I try to deny her.. I am trying to cut the feedings down… But I alway get worried because she won’t drink much formula.

Chelsey F asks I have a 3 month old son and I am breastfeeding. We co-sleep but he is beginning to become more mobile and I feel like we need to get him in the crib. What’s the best and easiest way to get him to transition?

Haley J asks I’m currently exclusively breastfeeding my 3 month old baby. I was curious if anyone could tell me if dulcolax laxative was safe while nursing?

Kim S asks I had my baby 4 months ago. I’m exclusively breastfeeding. I’ve started my period. When I’m 2 weeks before my period and the week during my milk production diminishes. I’m able to feed my baby, but I can not pump to save any. Has anyone gone through this? Is there any suggestions on how to sustain my milk production?

Brittany C asks What can I eat more of to increase my milk supply? I pump during work about 3 times and breastfeed when I’m home. But I heard a couple moms can have several days/weeks saved up. I just have enough for him to eat on for the next day. Please help 🙂 he’s 2 1/2 months and he does really good at breastfeeding I think it’s just my lack of eating the right stuff. Thanks!

Lilla S asks Hi mommies! My son turned 7 months old today and I’m struggling with feeding him solids and breastfeeding. Since he’s been born he loves to nurse, every 3-4 hours but I’m having a hard time figuring out when to nurse and when to feed him solids.. Oh and doesn’t like anything but rice cereal. Any suggestions?

Brittany F asks Have any breastfeeding moms notice a drop in their milk supply from working out? Is it bad to wear a sports bra? My doctor said both are fine but I still feel like the weeks I work out a lot that my supply drops. My son is two months old…

Eileen C asks I am still breastfeeding my almost 10 month son, I still have not had a period. For the last couple weeks I have been having cramps and feeling sick after eating. I took 2 test and they were both neg?? Is this normal for breastfeeding? I also feel like my hormones have been all over the place! Help!

Amanda G asks Any tips on how to get through the top teeth coming in while breastfeeding ?? She is 9 months and I’m not going to use formula so I have to get through this!? Ideas?

Gabrielle G asks Breastfeeding moms is it just my son or every time you’re baby is hungry and you get your body into the position you’re going to feed them in do they start laughing and smiling when they see or get near your breast ? I’m not sure if I worded this correctly for understanding lol sorry.

Kaeleigh S asks So I just got done breastfeeding my 1week old. He was on both breast for about 20 mins a piece. Afterwards he was still hungry. My breasts are so sore so I gave him formula and he drank about an ounce of that before falling asleep. Am I low on breast milk? Or is it bad to do what I just did? Any advice? Thanks!

Tamra J asks Hello in need of some help… I am Breastfeeding and my nipples just started to crack and one side hurts a whole lot when my baby girl feeds I don’t have nipple cream at the moment is there something else I can use to help?

Heather W asks Ok ladies my son is 3 months old and breastfeeding still but how do i get him bottle feeding I’m going to work and need him to drink formula but he wont take the nipple on a bottle

Jess W asks Hello everyone.. My daughter is four months old and is breastfeeding.. I want to give her formula as i have to go back to work but she is refusing bottle.. Not even taking expressed milk in bottle.. Any suggestions?

Ashley W asks My baby is 6 weeks old and I’m breastfeeding, is it normal for him to poop right after feeding and it be watery? He doesn’t cry with tummy aches or anything.

Melissa W asks Hey breastfeeding moms, have any of you suffered from vasospasm or Raynaud’s phenomenon? I’m miserable! I had my babies 4 month olds latch checked- it’s good, I have had candida twice but have been treated, I’ve tried APNO cream, and olive oil, coconut oil. I feel like I’ve tried everything. I’m ready to talk to my doctor about Nifedipine and I know it’s safe for my baby but how will it effect me?

Kim S asks Im breastfeeding and have been for 5 months now. It’s starting to become exhausting to me. I’ve given my baby formula a few times and she liked it once but hates it now. If I wanted to stop BF how could I do it? And how long did u BF for? I feel guilty not wanting to anymore. Is it bad for her if I stop?