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Natural Remedies For Treating Baby Eczema

Your baby isn’t thirteen years old. Your baby isn’t oiling up every day for a sun tanning session.  So, why is your baby’s skin all red and bumpy?! Chances are, your baby has the ever-so-common baby eczema. Babies are known for their PERFECT skin, so it can be weird when you wake up one morning and notice that your wee one’s perfect skin is covered in pimply-looking, rough, red bumps!

Mom, breathe easy. It’s baby eczema. Don’t run out to the pharmacy and think you have to medicate. There are plenty of natural remedies for treating baby eczema.

Bathe Baby Less Frequently

If you’re giving your baby too many baths, you might be drying your baby’s sensitive skin out, causing some of the eczema. Baby skin is über-sensitive. Since your baby isn’t out jogging in the sun or working in a coal mine, you don’t need to bathe your baby too often. Truly, you don’t need to be giving your baby baths any more than three times a week. In addition, you don’t need to be making these baths “bubble baths” as these types of baths can dry out baby skin. On the off days, give your baby a little wipie-wipedown to clear those pudgy folds of dust and spit up (not gross when it’s your baby).

Lotion Up

If your baby has dry skin, lotion that baby up! In the hospital, the nurses told me that babies don’t need lotion. That may be true, but when I took my little one home and the skin around her ankles and on her forehead was crackly and peeling, you better believe I lotioned that girl up. And, of course, the moisturizing helped! Just be careful about what kind of lotion you apply. The standard, pink Johnson & Johnson could cause irritation because it’s scented, so opt for “unscented.”

Humidifiers Aren’t Just for Colds suggests sticking a humidifier in your baby’s room because it can help with keeping your baby’s skin hydrated, as well as those little nasal passages.

Baby Detergent on Everything!

Most moms I know wash their baby’s clothes and blankets in special baby detergent like Dreft or Baby All for that sensitive skin, but something that I just realized the hard way was that my baby’s face and head was constantly resting on my bed sheets and my shirts and my husband’s shirts and my older child’s clothes and blankets. Just get used to the idea that everything you own will smell like baby for those first few months, because you’ll need to be washing not just your baby’s things, but all your family’s things in Dreft for a while if you want to avoid baby eczema.

Keep Baby Comfy

As cute as those poofy dresses and mini-tuxedos are for photos, don’t make dressing your baby fancy-shmancy a constant. Get the cute photos, sure. But, generally, try to dress your baby in cotton and other soft materials. Avoid scratchy fabrics like wool.

Avoid Pets and Perfume

You don’t need to go and give up Fido or your favorite scent, but definitely try to keep pet saliva and perfume at bay.

If your baby has already developed a case of the bumpies, don’t worry. He or she will grow out of it, and taking the measures listed above should improve your baby’s situation until he/she grows out of it.


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