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Tips For An Organized Home Life

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No one likes to come home to a messy house that is in dire need of organization. The key to a happy home is having an organized home life. A lot people don’t think that they can get an organized home without calling someone who specializes in the organization area, but the truth is that with a little effort and determination you can do it on your own.

Make Lists

No one expects you to be able to remember everything. In fact it is more of a headache and a lot more stressful to try to remember everything on your own. The first task in getting an organized home life is to make lists of everything. A hand written list is great, but you can also use your computer or smartphone. There are so many apps out there that will help with keeping lists.

So, what do you want to make lists of? Everything. Start with shopping lists, holiday and birthday gifts, important dates, meetings and birthdays. Keeping track of all these things will be the first step towards your home being organized.

Make a Schedule

Now that you have made a bunch of lists of everything you need to remember it is important to make a schedule. Having a weekly schedule will really help with keeping your life organized. You will want to make a schedule that includes any deadlines you may have, but also to set goals that you want to accomplish.

A lot of people find it helpful to make a schedule for chores and list everyone in the family with their very own chore. A dinner schedule is also helpful if you are busy like most families. It can help you not only at home, but it can also help with your grocery shopping. Don’t forget to schedule some family time into your new schedule.

Everything Has a Place

One of the best goals for getting an organized home life is to make a place for everything. This makes it easier to keep track of everything, but to also keep things neat. It really helps when it comes time to clean as well. If you have a storage area, make labels so you can easily find items you have stored.

Another idea is to have a place for mail that is outgoing and incoming. Organize your children’s playroom or bedroom by labeling where certain toys go. Have a place for puzzles and games and a separate place for toys. You can never be too organized.


When you are making a schedule it is a good idea to set aside a time once a week or even once a month to go though your house and declutter. Junk piles up real fast and it is good to declutter on a regular basis. Try to keep your counters clutter free.

At the beginning and ending of each season it is a really good idea to go through everyones closets. If you have growing children, there will probably be a lot of clothes that can be given away or sold instead of storing them. It makes it easier to declutter if you do this with every season.

Getting an organized home life will not happen overnight. It will take a lot of time and effort to get your home to an organizational spot that you are happy with. Don’t get discourage if it doesn’t happen as quickly as you thought it would. It took your home a while to get unorganized and it will take time to get it back in order. The key is to keep at it and do a little at a time.

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