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Things To Do While Breastfeeding or Pumping

There’s no doubt that a breastfeeding mother has plenty of down time while her baby is nursing. And, for some of us, it can feel like our little ones are constantly eating! Breastfeeding is truly incredible for spending priceless, quality time with your baby. Looking into his or her eyes and bonding as they nurse is one of the most special experiences that only a mother can have. A breastfeeding session can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. So, instead of sitting there thinking about how much laundry, cleaning, shopping and other things need to be done, consider de-stressing with some of these activities. On the plus side, most can be done with only one hand so if you are bottle feeding, they are perfect for you too!

When else are you going to get at least a half hour of quiet time? Take this opportunity to check out the latest best sellers, how-to books or even cook books such as ones with homemade baby food recipes. In a few months when your baby is on solids, you’ll be ready with some great ideas for fresh purees. E-readers are perfect for night feedings because you don’t need any other light and they only require one hand. You can search the web for tons of free eBook downloads by well-known and up-and-coming authors.

Make a Grocery List
Remember the last time you were at the store and you totally forgot that one thing you desperately needed to remember? Mommy brain is real, and the one way to fight it is to take time to make lists. Whether it’s a grocery list or just a list of things you need to remember to do, now is the time to sit and think about them and jot them down.

Catch Up on Emails and Phone Calls
As your baby nurses, give that one friend, who is impossible to get off the phone, a call. He or she will keep you entertained and once your baby is done eating, you can quickly get off with a “Well, gotta go!” You can also make those lengthy calls to your bank, cable company, phone company, or any other call you’ve been avoiding because of the long hold times with customer service. You’re not going anywhere, so you might as well make the most of it. Also, try responding to short emails from your smartphone. Some phones even let you speak to type which can be especially handy if you are holding a bottle or need to hold your baby in position. Some skilled moms can even type at a computer while their little one nurses on their lap. Once you’ve got that down you will surely be able to get some work done during feeding times. This is especially great at night – you can impress everyone with your early morning work hours!

Make A Diary For Your Child
This is a great time to keep track of all the new stages your baby is going through. You could start by writing down memories of the day your baby was born and then write a little each day during a feeding session. In a year, you will have so much fun reading it to see how much your child has grown, and in many years, it will be a wonderful keepsake.

Watch TV
As a mom you are incredibly busy and rarely have time for entertainment. There’s no better time (or excuse!) to watch TV than while you’re stuck on the couch breastfeeding. Whether you DVR your shows, watch them “on Demand” or just flip on the TV and see what shows you can catch live – kick back, put up your feet and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

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