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The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight by Kim West

Guest Post by Brandi Conroy 

When I was pregnant with my daughter (my first child) I planned to have her sleep in a bassinet by my bed initially and transition her to her crib (in her own room) after a few months.

When she was three months old we moved into a new house – our bedroom was on the main level and hers was on the second level. A few times I tried putting her in her bed, but I would ultimately go get her at the first sound (not even a cry).

My husband also resisted my attempts to move her to her own room. Instead of transitioning from her bassinet to her crib, she transitioned into her Pack ‘N Play and ultimately to my bed. She was on my sleep schedule, going to bed at 10:00 PM or 11:00 PM and waking at 7:00 AM with a few sporadic naps in her Pack ‘N Play during the day.

Just before my daughter turned one I decided I had to get her sleep trained and into her own bed. My cousin gave me a book called The Sleep Lady®’s Good NightSleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy by Kim West and it was a life saver.

Part One  provides an introduction to sleep basics, the Sleep Lady method and helpful tips. Part Two breaks down the chapters into age ranges. This book addresses sleep issues children ranging in age from newborn to age five. Part Three focuses on more specific sleep issues, the co-sleeping tips, twins, siblings, nightmares and more.

When I started reading the book I read Part One and then skipped directly to the Nine to 12 Month chapter. Right away I realized that, regardless of where she was sleeping, my baby was not getting enough sleep. As soon as I began the process with my daughter, I saw instant results. Not only was she was willing to fall asleep on her own, but really seemed to prefer it.

The book explains how the sleep patterns we develop as babies follow us into adulthood, the amount of sleep a child should get per day given their age and the importance of getting the right amount of sleep. It emphasizes the need to put babies to bed tired, but awake. This book will be especially useful for parents who do not want to let their children cry it out, the author opts for a more gentle approach.

The bottom line? I swear by this book and I recommend it to all my parent friends.


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