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9 Free Summer Fun Activities for Kids

Summers almost here – and that means the kids are nearly out of school. So what fun things will you be doing this summer? These ideas for free summer fun activities for kids are totally worth trying.

Take a hike – If you’ve been cooped up all winter like us, then you are probably more than ready to get outside. So what are you waiting for? Fill up the water bottles (that’s key!) and head to your favorite local trail for a hike with the kids. Don’t be afraid to make it more interesting by having them take photos of their favorite plants (or all the bugs you pass along the way!).

Catch fireflies at dusk – Grab a jar or two, and teach your kids the fine art of catching fireflies. It’s a summer tradition that’s worth passing on – and after a little teaching, they will be all about doing this one on their own. Sit back, and enjoy their joy.

Build a massive sandcastle – Headed to the beach? Don’t forget the buckets, shovels and whatnot for sandcastle building. But to create truly great memories with the kids, get right down into the sand with them for a massive sandcastle building session. You’ll want to bring the serious shovels (no wimpy plastic ones here!) to get a huge sand pile ready for the shaping.

Head to the playground – Your local playground is always a fun (and free!) thing to do with kids. But this summer, branch out and try other local playgrounds too. You never know when you might stumble on a playground gem a little out of the way.

Water fight! – Water balloons? Check. Water guns? Check. Hose? Check. Break out your favorite water gear and have a big backyard water fight. The kids will love getting each other wet – and you too. Just be sure that if you are going the water balloon route, you plan ahead and fill the balloons. It takes awhile (trust me, this one I know from experience).

Get gardening – Do you have a plot for your favorite flowers or veggies in the backyard? If not, now’s the time to get started with one. Gardening with your kids not only makes your yard pretty, but it also imparts important lessons – like responsibility, follow-through and how to grow things.

Geocaching, anyone? – Have you heard of geocaching? It’s like a treasure hunt for modern families. You use your GPS-enabled mobile device to seek out treasures. It’s fun, and totally free – plus the adventure is absolutely worth it. Check out www.geocaching.com/ for details and how to get started.

Be a visitor to your town – It’s funny how we can live somewhere for a long time, but seldom really look around. Pretend you are visitors to your town, just passing through. Go on a local adventure, dropping into the stores you pass but never experience and trying that little restaurant you’ve seen but never really noticed. And don’t forget to drop by local special spots – like gardens and monuments – for some great photo-ops.

Volunteer together – Whether it’s a local soup kitchen or food pantry or your library, there are so many opportunities for families to volunteer. Phone around town and find out who needs help. Then head out with the kids to give back. It’s so rewarding – and that’s always fun!


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