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Apple Pie Bars

Favorite Family Recipes: Homemade Apple Pie Bars

Some occasions call for celebration…with pie. Or perhaps you’d like to whip up some homemade apple pie bars? If you haven’t mastered the art of rolling out your own pie crust (or if you prefer a dessert that you don’t need a fork to dive into), you can’t go wrong with Apple Pie Bars by Roxanna Yawgel at Roxanna’s Home Baking. 

Though apples are a year-round fruit, they’re most plentiful in the fall. Pile your apples into a buttery crust,  toss them with cinnamon, butter and sugar and make a delicious crumb topping to finish them off.

Whether you’re baking to satisfy a pregnancy-induced sweets craving or need a simple and easy treat to make for a new mom friend or relative, you’ll be glad that these bars are grab and go – you’ll want to take them with you everywhere.

Visit Roxanna’s Home Baking for more recipes like this one.

Photo Credit: Roxanna Yawgel, used with permission.


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