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playrooms for kids

Playrooms for Kids That Inspire Learning and Creativity

Photo by Kalon Studios featuring their Caravan Conversion Kit

Everybody needs a place to call their own. It could be an office, garage, bathroom, or bedroom, but wherever it is, we need a place where we can feel safe and comfortable. Often, for our little ones, those places are playrooms for kids.

A playroom is a place for our children to learn and grow on their own, a place where they can guide themselves and learn from their environment. Playrooms for kids are important places for a child and as such, special attention should be paid to items we put in our children’s’ playroom and how we set up the environment.

When designing a playroom, there are four main factors which should be taken into account: safety, educational value, fun and appearance. If done well, these factors can work together to become a great place for child to play and grow.


Make sure that the room is well lit and all outlets are covered. Book shelves and other items that could fall over should be anchored to the wall. It is important to leave space on the floor for the child to move around and not pack the room too tightly with so many toys that the child cannot move. This creates a safe environment for the child to play, but also allows the child to exercise and progress in their muscle control. Extra space also allows room for the parent to play with the child.

Educational Value

Make sure that the playroom is well stocked with toys and games that stimulate a child’s mind in a way that appropriate to their age and developmental stage. For infants and young toddlers, make sure that soft interactive toys with bright colors are available. Play mats and stuffed animals are good at this stage. For older toddlers, puzzles and blocks should be plentiful and easy to reach. Set aside a “special” section for reading which is pleasant and comfortable and spend time in this section reading with you kid.


Don’t spend all of your time in the playroom, instead make sure that the child wants to be in the room and engaged in play. Make sure the room has bright colors and toys the child enjoys.

Try your best to make sure that the kid can’t get into too much trouble in the room so that they think of it a pleasant place to spend time. This is done by keeping out items that the child should not be playing with, or items which you limit the child’s exposure to (such as iPads or video games). That way you don’t have to take the items away from the child in the room.


Make sure the room is pleasing to the child as well as adaptable to the child’s tastes and developmental ability. It is best not to pick a theme for the room (such as cowboy or princes). Instead, paint the walls brightly and as the child grows, adjust the room accordingly so that it remains fun and interesting for the child.

Shared Space

Finally, get in the room with the child. More and more research comes out that shows children benefit greatly from playing with their parents. Make sure the playroom is comfortable for both you and the child and get in there with them. Nothing will make the playroom a better and more inviting environment than your child knowing this is a place they will get to play with mom or dad.

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