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5 Tools to Survive a Snow Day

Photo by Meaghan Curry

You wake up and, like most mornings, you check your phone before starting the day. And there it is: an alert notifying you that the kids have no school today because of a snow day. You are now faced with an entire day with your kids stuck inside and no planned activities on your agenda. 

When you’re prepared for events like this, you can take these unexpected twists and turns in stride. So, the next time you’re stocking up on milk and toilet paper, grab these items and keep them on hand for hours of guaranteed entertainment with your kids. Here are the 5 tools to survive a snow day:

  1. Food coloring. Put drops in various drinks to make exotic looking beverages. Put them in eggs, cookies, and yogurt for alien-style lunches. Mix them with shaving cream to create finger-painted masterpieces in your shower. And use food coloring to make your own lava lamps. When it comes to food coloring, the possibilities are endless.
  2. Construction paper. What can’t you make with construction paper? From constructing entire villages to wall-sized murals, construction paper is there to save the day. Have a variety of colors and sizes on hand for the kids to dive into and have a ball. Save the scraps for smaller projects and scour the internet for a variety of activities that will keep them busy for hours.
  3. Playing cards. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of different card games that exist today. From simple games like memory to more complicated ones like solitaire and free cell, there are games for all ages. Have one or two decks on hand all the time and learn a new game every time you have a snow day.
  4. Marshmallows – Whether they’re topping a full mug of hot chocolate or on the side of a gingerbread house for decoration, marshmallows are surprisingly versatile. Build people or animals from marshmallows of different sizes and toothpicks or create a complicated bridge. Add some splash by throwing some food coloring into the mix (you did remember to grab that too, right?)
  5. Cardboard boxes – Your kids can spend the day decorating and climbing over giant cardboard boxes that are transformed into their own magical land of make believe. They can also use smaller boxes to make dioramas, treasure chests or mailboxes. Cardboard boxes unlock the imagination for a kid like few other things can. That’s why they end up playing with them rather than their toys at Christmas.

If you have these items in your home and ready to go, the next snow day you face will be a breeze to survive. All you have to do now is stockpile ideas for how to use the supplies and you’ll be the coolest mom on the block.


Keep your little ones warm, should you choose to spend some time outside!

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