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9 Ways SmartMom is the Best New Mom Support Group

Photo by Jenny Lewis

Community is the concept that came to mind over and over again while we were developing our SmartMom app. How could we build a community of moms that could help and support each other? Well, we think we’ve done it. Here are nine reasons that SmartMom is the best new mom support group. 

New Mom Support Group 0a

1. Ask questions. It’s easy. Just download the app, create a profile and start asking your mommy questions. Trouble breast feeding? Your child is a biter? You don’t know what that rash is on your little one’s foot? Everyone has them and now you can connect with other moms that have the answers.New Mom Support Group 1a

2. Answer questions. Maybe you are a wizard at getting your child to sleep at night, but solid foods are giving your little one fits. After you ask about eating, be sure to help out those who are sleepless. Your trick might solve someone else’s problem, and someone out there might know how to make strained peas yummy.

3. Form local play groups. Hey, there are moms online day and night to chat with, but sometimes you need to get out to the nearest park and get some sunshine. Live in Monroe, Michigan or Placerville, California? Reach out on SmartMom and see who might live in your town.

4. Form support groups. Does your child have a specific diagnosis? ADHD or acid reflux? Tethered spinal cord or William’s Syndrome? Having trouble finding others who are going through the same thing? Come on over. SmartMom can help you find others who know how you feel. Sometimes that can make all the difference – chatting with someone (online or offline) who understands your daily challenges.New Mom Support Group 2

5. Activity. There are over 500 questions and answers posted to SmartMom every day. You can see who liked your answers on the Activity tab and you can follow certain questions or just see whose question hasn’t been answered yet. There are all sorts of ways to interact with individuals on SmartMom.

6. Followers/Likes. Your questions and answers really count. Not only do they help other moms, but you can develop followers and earn points for other moms liking your questions or answers. These points can go toward contests or other promotions.New Mom Support Group 4

7. Contests. New moms (all moms) need stuff! Come see our contests and win a diaper bag or a shopping spree at Old Navy. Things change quickly, so check back often and win some clothes or baby gear.

8. Blog. Still need some advice? Our SmartMom blog regularly tackles topics like play date etiquette, table manners and great holiday foods for toddlers, among many other things. Our group of experienced moms could answer a question you didn’t even know you had yet.

9. Twitter. Need more SmartMom? Join us on Twitter. Our community manager welcomes all followers and tweets out new blog posts, interesting links and generally great information for new moms. Did you read the latest article in the New York Times about importance of reading to babies? We did, and now you can, too.

So download SmartMom and start sharing your wisdom, get answers for the things that drive you crazy, post your triumphs and let us all “ooh and ahh” over pictures of your little ones. We are waiting for you.

Get more great advice and meet other moms. Download the SmartMom app today.