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5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Celebrations

Don’t look now, but Mother’s Day is just days away. If you aren’t sure what to do for the moms in your life yet, here are a few ideas to please, pamper and surprise her this Mother’s Day.

Breakfast in Bed

Psst! Breakfast in bed is still awesome. Is it a little cliche? Absolutely. But nothing quite compares to lounging in bed alone while reading and enjoying a delicious meal without interruption. Don’t worry — it needn’t be fancy. Just put together a simple breakfast and don’t forget the coffee.

Brunch, Baby!

If breakfast in bed just isn’t going to work — or you want to include all the moms in the family — brunch is a great option. Choose a fabulous, favorite restaurant and take her (or them!) there. She’ll love being taken care of by someone else … and you can enjoy a delicious morning meal too.

Spa Day

She’s always on the go, keeping up with the kids, home and maybe work too. If you want to really pamper her, book a Mother’s Day spa day for her. But don’t just choose any services — choose ones she’ll love (hint: if she isn’t into massages, skip that and go for the spa pedicure and manicure instead).

Mama’s Garden

Does your mama love having a beautifully designed garden? Indulge her this Mother’s Day by taking her to a local nursery and letting her loose to choose new plants. Then help her get them all in the ground. She’ll not only love the beautiful garden you create together — but also adore the fact that you did it together.

Mom’s Day Off

Looking for something to really recharge her? Take the kids and give her a day to do whatever she wants. Be sure to leave her with a gift card or two for a little lunch, shopping or her favorite coffee shop. And bonus points if you enlist her bffs to spend the day with her too.

Something Wild

Not all moms are created equal. In fact, some moms won’t be into pampering or days off. If that describes a mom in your life, skip the spa and plan a fun adventure outing — like whitewater rafting, ziplining or mountain biking as a family. For the adventure mom, these experiences are absolutely priceless.


Don’t forget to celebrate your own mother – after all, you’re probably turning into her!

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