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11 Great Gifts for New Moms

Photo by Andria Lindquist

The days after a baby is born can be long, tiring, confusing and emotional. However, a special gift is a nice way to show her that you care and help her transition into motherhood.  Here are 11 great gifts for new moms to help make those overwhelming early days just a little bit easier. 

Delicious Smelling Soaps

Coming home from the hospital can be quite the adventure. A new mom feels sweaty, exhausted, and totally out of her element. Give her a delicious smelling body wash and soap set. Sometimes a quick shower is all it takes to make a new mom feel human again. Also, that quick shower is often the only alone time a new mom gets, so make her feel special and luxurious with some at-home pampering.

Food, Food, Food

The top gift most new moms want is food. Luckily these days, there are so many ways to deliver fresh food to a new mom. Many smaller groceries deliver to homes now, or you could place an order with Peapod or Fresh Direct. Remember to order pre-cut fruits and vegetables, as often new moms are “one arm down” and don’t have time to prep food. Websites like Seamless offer menus for restaurants that deliver food, in case you want to have a pre-made meal delivered.

Homemade Food

Speaking of food, you could also prepare healthy meals for the freezer and bring them to a new mom. Bringing a bag of snack foods is also incredibly helpful for those late night wake ups; make sure the food packages open easily and can be eaten with one hand, such as granola bars, muffins, or yogurt pouches.

New Mug

Often, new moms are up all night with a tiny baby, so give a new mom a mug, but make sure it is spill proof! Add in some bags of herbal tea, or if she likes coffee, perhaps some packets of instant coffee.

Subscription Service

The early days of parenthood require a lot of time being trapped under a sleeping baby; a subscription to an entertainment service would be a wonderful way for a new mom to while away the sleepy hours. Check out Netflix, Hulu, or Audible; also, an iTunes giftcard is a great way for her to buy a new movie or e-book.


Since nights and days become blurred lines in those early days, gift a new, soft, comfy…and stylish bathrobe to a new mom. She will appreciate having the warmth and comfort.


Speaking of comfort, new moms spend a lot of time in bed, whether its trying to catch up on a much needed nap or in between baby feedings at night. A set of super soft sheets would be a perfect gift for a new family.


There’s a lot of awkward down time in new parenthood; gift a new mom a stack of magazines she would love, so she can leaf through them while the baby is sleeping or she’s feeding the baby.

A Little Bundle

A Little Bundle is a gift subscription service for new moms and babies. You purchase a box of hand-picked goodies for both mom and baby to arrive at her door monthly. It’s not easy to get out of the house with an infant, so this will give a new mom something wonderful to look forward to.

The Gift of Pampering

Give the new mom a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure or massage, and offer to watch the baby while she runs out! Is she breastfeeding, and doesn’t want to go too far? Pay for someone to come to the house for a massage.

Help Out

Don’t have the money to buy a gift? Head over to a new mom’s house and give the gift of your time and hands. Mow the lawn, take the garbage out, take the dogs for a walk, fold laundry, or do some dishes. Even the simplest tasks can be overwhelming when there’s a crying baby in the house, so any help is always appreciated.

For the long run, this newborn sleep book will be super helpful as well!

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