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7 Things New Moms Do to get back into Shape - SmartMom

7 Simple Things New Moms do to Get Back into Shape

Hey, mama!  Looking to shape up this New Year? As long as you have your doctor’s blessing to start exercising again, these are the 7 simple things you can do to get back into shape.  Ready?

1) Take the Stairs (Again, and Again)

If your home has stairs, a few runs up and down (think 3-4 at a time) can get your heart pumping and boost your daily fitness (and steps!).

2) Incorporate Baby

Forget lifting weights. Your baby can make exercises even more effective. Try holding your wee one while doing squats. For older babies with neck control, try laying on your back and lifting baby (like you would weights). They’ll love the fun game and your arms will get a great workout.

3) Mommy and Me!

Check your local fitness centers and yoga studios (as well as pools!) for mommy and me options. You and baby can have fun while also diving back into light workouts.

4) Park Farther

The further you park from the entrance, the more steps you will take getting there. That makes hitting the 10k steps a day goal easier. And, for toddlers, it can be super fun if you sprint with them in the carriage to and from the door. Those giggles are worth every step.

5) Turn up the Tunes

Have music, will move, right? Turn up the tunes and dance your way through house cleaning. Who knows, your little one might even bop around with you. Faster music is your best bet, since you’ll probably raise your heart rate while dancing to it.

6) Nap Time Videos

There are tons of 10 minute exercise videos out there – select one on Netflix or pick one up at Target. Then, when baby settles for her nap, pop it in for a quick spurt of exercise. You could even do a few 10 minute workouts back to back!

7) Stroller Time

If it’s warm enough where you are, get out your stroller and head to a nearby park for a long walk. Be sure to keep up a good pace, and – for older kids – bring snacks and a drink. In cold areas, head to the mall for some indoor walking. Some even malls even open their doors early for exercisers to get moving.


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