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7 adorable halloween costumes for your little pumpkin

7 Adorable Halloween Costumes for your Little Pumpkin

Americans use many terms of endearment for babies and small children, most of which reference (typically sweet) food items. Common names include “honey”, “sugar”, “pumpkin” (regardless of the season) and “sweet pea.”

This Halloween, you can expand your nickname repertoire to include a “little sushi roll”, a “baby taco”, or even a “little turkey.”

Whether you’re truly searching for a costume for your “little sugar plum” or just fulfilling your cuteness quota for the day, here are 7 of the cutest and most creative baby costumes that we could find on the Internet.

Sushi CostumeTiny baby sushi roll
Baby GnomeWise baby garden gnome

Baby NunTiny nun in a tiny habit

goldfish costumeDIY Gold-fishie

Baby Turkey CostumeBaby turkey-on-a-platter

baby turtle

Crawling TurtleBaby PopcornLittle Popcorn




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