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halloween friday recipe post

Favorite Family Recipe: Diablo Eyeballs (Taco Meatballs) and Black Bean Pasta from Boulder Locavore

Once you have kids, it’s hard not to become consumed with the spirit of Halloween. For Toni Dash of the food blog Boulder Locavore, it’s hard  to imagine not making food inspired by the seasonal colors of candy corn or the risk of a gory hand “rising from the depths of a bowl of dip.”

We agree with Toni: this is the perfect time of year to make cooking family dinners fun. Toni lets whimsy take over and delights her diners with the fright of Halloween.

One of her favorite Halloween recipes is her Diablo Eyeballs (Taco Meatballs) and Black Bean Pasta, which delivers the perfect amount of trick and treat for a dinner preceding your Halloween festivities.

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