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ideas for a gender reveal party

Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

One of the most exciting things about a pregnancy can be finding out if you are having a boy or a girl. We were able to find out with all three of our children before they were born. We did not have a party for them, but I really wish that we had. Gender reveal parties look like so much fun.

A gender reveal party is a way for the couple to share the gender of their baby with family and friends. In some cases they also decide to wait to know what they are having until the day of the party.  Here are some ideas for a gender reveal party.

Some people like to make a cake and put either blue or pink frosting in the middle of it. When their guests take a bite, they find out what they the couple is having. You can also make cookies and put in little candies to share the news. Another way to have a reveal party is to have a box filled with either pink or blue balloons. The future parents open the box and everyone gets to see if it will be a little boy or a little girl. Couples can get really creative with their parties. They can also include the baker or a photographer in the festivities.

It can be fun to play some games during the party. These games can incorporate everyone’s guess of what the baby’s gender will be, and those who guess correctly could win a prize.

Some couples might not want to do a gender reveal party because they want to keep the announcement more private. Others won’t even share until the baby is born or they do not want to find out for themselves ahead of time. Then, of course, there are babies that just won’t let you find out.  In those cases you could still have a party and simply use a neutral color such as green for the surprise.

If you have a lot of friends and family that cannot attend the actual party, you can do the revealing in a video and post it online. This is a fun way to have a similar experience if you cannot do it in person. It can still be exciting for others to find out if you are having a boy or a girl online.  Here and here  are examples of really cute ones I found online.

I love the idea of a gender reveal party because it creates a fun atmosphere for the parents to tell everyone what they are having. Most likely by this point in the pregnancy, many of their friends and family are already taking bets on what the baby will be. It is a great way to include others in the announcement and to share this day with those who also care about you and your baby.

When you are getting ready to have a new child, you want all the support you can get. A gender reveal party is the perfect way to include everyone and have a great time sharing the news about who you will be adding to your family.


If you’re having a boy, you may be thinking about circumcision. Here’s a little more information.


We’re finding out the sex of the baby in a couple if weeks. Can anyone suggest cute gender reveal ideas that don’t require an expensive photo shoot or throwing a big party? Thanks!

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Gender reveal parties? Yay or nay? Also, what exactly do you do at one? I know you reveal the gender but is it like a baby shower too or is that separate?

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