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Strange Pregnancy Cravings and What They Mean

Everyone knows your body goes through major changes during pregnancy. Some more obvious than others. But even your taste buds can be out of whack for several months. From pickles to ice cream, orange juice to potato chips, those strange pregnancy cravings could be a result of your hormones, varying emotions, or the fact that your body could actually be lacking a certain nutrient. Here’s a list of some pregnancy cravings and what they mean. Some are pretty strange while some might be more obvious to determine what your body needs.

A desire for chocolate could mean your body needs magnesium. These cravings can come as a desire for cupcakes, cookies, cakes and pies. It’s ok to have one or two squares of chocolate. But be sure you keep your servings moderate and try to stick with dark chocolate. And, to get more magnesium into your diet, try almonds, leafy greens, black beans, and whole grains.

Ice cream, Cheese
These cravings can come as a need for milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream cones, pizza, cheesy bread or bagels with cream cheese. Although all of these things are delicious, the real issue here could be that your body is craving calcium. You can get your fix in much healthier ways such as cottage cheese, low-fat string cheese, or Greek yogurt. You’ll get a healthy dose of protein with all of these alternatives too.

Ice, Pencil Shavings, Dirt, Soap
It is not uncommon for pregnant women to crave non-food items. From dirt and chalk to ice and laundry detergent, cravings like this could mean you need more iron in your diet. Foods such as red meat, pork, poultry, beans and dark green leafy vegetables are a good source of iron. Discuss your cravings with your doctor. He might suggest a blood test to determine if you are anemic.

Flavored powder from Cheetos, Doritos, etc.
You might find yourself wanting to combine the flavored powder with a pickle or two. If this is the case than the bigger craving is salt! During pregnancy your blood volume increases which may increase your body’s sodium needs. To avoid bloat and other issues causes by excess sodium, be sure to check with your doctor. You can fulfill your sodium desires with plain, or lightly salted popcorn. The high-fiber, low-fat snack is a fantastic alternative that will satisfy your craving and fill you up.

Anything Sour
Sauerkraut, pickles, vinegar, and even sour candies could indicate you are lacking Vitamin C. Have an orange or grapefruit at breakfast, or some lemonade with your lunch to help satisfy the craving and give your body the nutrients it needs.

Pregnancy cravings have been around as long as women have been having babies. You might even find that some of your cravings are similar to what your own mother had, or some even say the gender of your baby can determine your cravings. No matter what, be sure you are discussing your diet with your doctor and letting him or her know if you have any questions or concerns. 


What are some of your pregnancy cravings?

I’m 15 weeks pregnant with my 7th LO and I’m always craving fruit. People have told me that means I’m having a girl…anyone else ever hear this?

What did you crave most during pregnancy?

I just remembered my favorite snack when I was pregnant – baby carrots dipped in honey, and cherry tomatoes

I really didn’t have cravings when I was pregnant – I just ate anything and everything and a lot of it. What about everyone else?

What cravings did you have when you were pregnant and did you then have a boy or a girl?

My mom wants me to eat healthily throughout my entire pregnancy and I understand, but is it ever ok to have some cheetos or deli meat?

While pregnant do you crave salty or sweet foods?

I had a little bit of raw cookie dough and now I’m regretting it. Could it be dangerous to the baby?

My first pregnancy I craved junk food and had a boy. Now I crave healthy food…any chance it’s a girl this time?

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