SmartMoms Buy Smart Brands: Burt’s Bees Baby

SmartMom is very pleased to announce a special “Ask Me Anything” event in the app with two brand representatives from Burt’s Bees Baby!

Take out your phone and set a reminder for WednesdayMarch 8th at 7pm ET!

SmartMoms are invited to an exclusive live chat with Maria Asker and Mandy Cotta to get to know more about Burt’s Bees Baby and discuss what it means to be a “smart brand.”

At SmartMom, we label Burt’s Bees Baby a “smart brand” because they created a product line that we believe nurtures our children from the outside in – soft, natural pieces, 100% organic. What do you consider a “smart brand”? Come March 8th, it’s your turn to ask the questions and talk about what is important to you when it comes to the brands you welcome into your family.

Not only are we live-chatting with Burt’s Bees Baby, but during the month of March we will be rewarding 5 SmartMoms with a gift card to Burt’s Bees Baby! That’s right, moms – THE MONTHLY CONTEST IS BACK!

1 out of the 5 winners will receive her gift card before the others. How, you ask? By joining us for the Wednesday in-app event!

Any mom that downloads the app and logs in during this special event will be entered to win a $75 gift card to Burt’s Bees Baby. The more you participate by asking questions, giving stars, and commenting during the events, the more chances you are entered to win!

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Mary is the Community Manager of SmartMom. She is a new mom to a bubbly little boy who has fire red hair and loves to smile. She loves to walk her dog, Bob, and watch Chicago sports with her husband. Go Cubs Go!