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SmartMom Postpartum Fashion Tips

After nine months of having fun flaunting your baby bump, the last thing you want once you’ve delivered is to draw attention to your postpartum pooch. Postpartum fashion choices can therefore be kind of difficult. Some doctors estimate that it takes between 6 and 10 weeks for your uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size. That, combined with your larger, lactating breasts can really make you feel like a completely different person. Be patient with yourself and keep in mind that your body may settle in a very different spot than where it started. Losing the weight will take some time, but there are plenty of fashionable ways to look good in the meantime.

For the first week or so once you get home from the hospital you probably won’t be going a lot of places. Sweatpants and t-shirts will most likely be the most comfortable for you as wardrobe staples. Allow yourself to go casual and don’t stress too much about how fashion forward you look. Besides, the truth is, right now, no one is looking at you, they are noticing your sweet, beautiful bundle of joy. By the end of the first week your tummy may have significantly deflated which might give you a little more confidence about wearing “real” clothes again.

Utilize the maternity pants, skirts and shorts you’ve been wearing the last 9 months. The elastic waist will be gentle on your belly and the fact that they are maternity can be disguised with a cute top and long jacket or sweater. If it is summer time, consider a sleeveless vest, tunic or long flowing tank top to pair with them. By combining your maternity clothes with your pre-pregnancy ones you can repurpose your wardrobe and have a number of options. Yoga pants and leggings are also fantastic alternatives. They are stretchy all over and can go with anything.

While you may have days when just getting a shower in may seem like a beauty miracle, know that it is possible to look good while also having a wardrobe that serves a function. If you are breastfeeding you will probably want a few nursing tops. These can be expensive so check out stores like the Gap, H&M and Target for regular tops with an elastic neckline or a crossover bodice to serve as substitutes for nursing tops. Buy one size larger than you typically wear so you can easily lift up the top and nurse.

Postpartum is also a great time for layers. Tank tops work well as a first layer because they tend to hold everything in. Long tank tops do a nice job of smoothing the area around your bottom and making sure your tummy doesn’t show. Even in the winter tank tops will come in handy and help with your transitioning wardrobe.

You can also easily spice up any outfit and feel beautiful by accessorizing appropriately. A cool chunky necklace, a colorful scarf, a set of bangles on your arm or a stunning pair of earrings go a long way. Get creative and have fun with your postpartum wardrobe. Most of all, believe it when people say, “You look great!”

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