SmartMom Halloween!

SmartMom Halloween!

Feature Photo by Rebecca Conway

We hope all of our SmartMoms had a very happy and safe Halloween! We asked you all to send us pictures of your little ones in their costumes on the big day and here are some of our favorites!

Eli (lion)

Eli the lion is looking fierce!

Jayden (Optimus Prime)

Jayden as Optimus Prime can save the day!

Mikey (conductor)

All aboard! We trust Mikey the conductor to get us to our location on time!

Salt and Pepper

Twins as salt and pepper is such an adorable idea!

Shelby (Dorothy)

Just follow the Yellow Brick Road, Shelby!

Sophia (Little Bo Peep) and Violet (lamb)

Little Bo Peep Sophia and her little lamb Violet stole our hearts!



Thanks, SmartMoms, for sending us these amazing pictures! Now that October is over, make sure you check out our November contest!







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