SmartMom Community Guidelines

Thank you for joining our community! We are proud to host over 160,000 SmartMoms on our app. To ensure our moms are comfortable and feel safe discussing their personal journeys, we have a community administrator Mary @ SmartMom and a moderator that reviews threads from behind the scenes.

By downloading the SmartMom app, you are agreeing to follow the guidelines below:

  1. Post any graphic images (rashes, injuries, private parts, anything “TMI” in the comments.
  2. Never use SmartMom images without permission from poster.
  3. Avoid “Mama Drama” at all costs. While we encourage healthy debate and conversation, as soon as discussions become personal and potentially hurtful, we shut them down. We call on members of the community to help us mitigate these circumstances.
  4. Report “Mama Drama” to Mary @ SmartMom by tagging her account in the post comments and privately messaging personal concerns. Email screen shots of any evidence of “Mama Drama” to

Mary @ SmartMom and the moderator have the authority to put members on probation and permanently ban users from the SmartMom app if in violation of guidelines.

When a member is put on probation, their posts and comments have to be manually reviewed by the moderator. This can cause a delay in message appearance in the app. Furthermore, the moderator has the authority to reject posts or comments that violate our community guidelines. When a member is banned from the SmartMom app, they are no longer allowed to post and can experience issues logging into their account.