SmartMom Stories: Lilli’s Battle with Ezcema

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.45.00 AMSmartMom is a community of moms who turn to each other for advice during some of their most trying times. It’s important to share our stories and experiences with each other, so we can learn how to best take care of ourselves and our families. We often go to Google or WebMD when something odd happens with our children, but there is so much mis-information and answers on the internet it takes too long to sift through. SmartMom strives to help moms save time, precious time, time when your little one is struggling, time you can’t waste, so you can get back to what matters most. 

We welcome SmartMom Juliann in sharing her daughter’s story of battling a horrible case of eczema and how an overlooked solution made a difference overnight. 

At only a few weeks old, my daughter Lilli started showing signs of skin irritation and eczema. She was not able to sleep soundly, she was constantly pulling out her hair and scratching any part of her body her fingers could reach. At each visit to her pediatrician we would ask questions and search for solutions to soothe her gradually worsening skin problems.

After trying countless lotions, soaps, topical creams, changing formulas and changing laundry detergents Lilli’s pediatrician suggested putting her in organic clothing. We only had one organic outfit in our house. It was a Burt’s Bees Baby pajama and towel set given to us as a gift and it was a size too large. With no other working solutions, we changed Lilli’s clothes and put her to bed.

In one night her skin went from being fire red and blotchy to almost clear. We could not believe how much her skin had changed in just one night.

Since we only had one outfit, Lilli lived in that outfit for the next three days. In those three days, her skin cleared up so well you could not tell she even had eczema.

Gradually, we learned we could not control every environment she lived in and that at different times of the day her skin would be exposed to other fabrics. However, it is such a blessing knowing that we can 100 percent trust Burt’s Bees Baby clothing to soothe and comfort Lilli’s skin.

When Lilli started showing signs of irritation and eczema, her mother turned to certified organic cotton as a last resort.

While we have tried to branch out to other clothing brands, we found there is a fine line between certified organic cotton and other brands that market their clothing as “organic.” To this day we are often gifted clothing that makes this claim, but after just 30 minutes of wearing other brands Lilli’s fire red eczema comes right back.

As a mother of three, the biggest comfort is knowing Lilli will have a sound night sleep with no hair-pulling, scratching or signs of skin irritation and eczema. Which means Mommy gets to sleep more soundly as well.

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