A boy laying on the couch hoping his mom planned some sick day activities for him.

Sick Day Activities For Little Ones

No one likes being ill or seeing their child unwell. Being cooped up caring for a sick little one can be a nightmare for some parents, especially as they feel so helpless and only want to make their child feel better. However, have no fear, we SmartMoms have come up with a few ideas on sick day activities to keep your little bundles entertained while they get over those annoying bugs and viruses.

Draw a bath

Often a poorly child will be running a temperature or have a chesty cough so utilize the bathroom if you can. Taking them for a bath can not only aid their recovery but it can also be a fun way to take their mind off how they are feeling. If they are hot then bathe them in cool water and include lots of  toys and bath crayons to make it fun. On the other hand you don’t have to get them wet. If they are very chesty then running the shower at its hottest temperature might help them breathe easier. Let the bathroom fill with steam and then let them draw pictures on the mirrors until the steam has time to take effect.

Use technology

Okay so it’s probably not in the ‘best parenting’ manual, but there is no better time to take advantage of those electronic babysitters than when your child is too unwell to go outdoors or do other sick day activities. Treat them by downloading some kid friendly apps onto the iPad or snuggle down on the sofa with them and enjoy some Disney movies wrapped up in a blanket. If they are feeling particularly unwell then there’s a good chance they are not feeling energetic enough to move about and will appreciate and enjoy this special treat.

Get snuggled

Speaking of blankets and sofas, when a sickness bug leaves you both confined to staying indoors, building a fort is a great way of making your incarceration a bit more fun. Push all the furniture together, get as many cushions and pillows as you can and maybe even decorate with some fairy lights. Then fill your fort with some of your child’s favorite snacks and books and enjoy the afternoon in your special secret den.

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are an all time favorite of sick day activities. If they are feeling well enough, dig out the finger paints and get creative. Put on their old, messy clothes and get out the art supplies. Crayons, play-doh, stickers and glitter glue are all great ways of distracting the kids from how rotten they are feeling. Make pictures and paintings for them to give to their friends and loved ones when they are feeling better.

Board games

If they are not feeling up to moving about too much then get them comfy on the sofa and get out the board games. Join them in a game of Kerplunk or Operation or if they are old enough then teach them how to play some easy card games.  If all else fails and they really are too poorly to move then take on the role of in-house entertainer and get the puppets out. Use hand puppets, socks or whatever you have on hand to put on a little show for them. Not only might you manage to distract them from how poorly they are feeling but you might also manage to get a giggle out of them too!

Days spent indoors with a sick little one can be tiring and frustrating for you both. But hopefully with some of these sick day activities, you SmartMoms can make it go by just a little bit quicker!

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