September Contest: Win an Ollie Swaddle!

Besides mom’s arms, where is baby’s favorite place to sleep? A safe, snug and cozy swaddle. We know there are plenty of swaddles on the market these days, so SmartMom is bringing you the one backed by science: The Ollie Swaddle.

For SmartMom’s September Contest:

Three SmartMoms will win an Ollie Swaddle from The Ollie World!

What exactly sets the Ollie Swaddle apart from all the rest? The Ollie Swaddle gives baby enough space to move while staying swaddled and the fabric is specially designed to regulate baby’s temperature – both features improve sleep quality and allow for longer sleep periods!

Furthermore, this swaddle has a tie at the bottom so you can change your baby’s diaper without un-swaddling them. The bottom line is that more sleep for baby is the healthiest thing for both baby and mama!

How to Enter the Contest:

Our contests are designed to reward the most helpful advice-giving moms in the app. Here’s how it works: everyone who has registered for the SmartMom app is already entered in the contest. That means everyone has a chance to win! You can earn extra entries in the contest by collecting “stars”, which can be earned as “thank you’s” for great answers and advice.

Basically, earning stars is like buying extra raffle tickets. Every star you earn in the app helps your chances of being a winner so be sure to log in every day! More questions? Check out our official contest rules.

Last Month’s Winners:

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