As a baby relaxes on a bed, a mother wonders if selling your breast milk might be a good idea.

Why Selling Your Breast Milk May Be a Great Idea

Hailed as the most natural super food out there, breast milk contains metabolic fuels and the raw materials needed to aid tissue growth and development, such as fatty acids, amino acids and minerals. Providing your little one with breast milk is the perfect way to ensure your tiny baby is getting all the nutrients and care that they need during the first few months of their lives. But what if you have a new baby and you can’t produce enough milk to keep him healthy? This is only one reason why women have turned to selling their breast milk online. Here at SmartMom we’ve looked at some of the various reasons why selling your breast milk may be a great idea.

For many mothers, the reasons for selling their breast milk are financial. Many mothers find themselves churning out ounces of breast milk, so when both their babies and freezers are full they turn to selling their breast milk online in order to take care of those unpaid bills. And why not? There seems to be a market for it: new mothers, bodybuilders, and people with immune disorders are buying the stuff by the bucket load. Demand is so high, in fact, that a websites like exist as a sort of Craigslist for breast milk sellers.

For many mothers it’s the disappointment and frustration of being unable to breastfeed their own child that forces them into buying it. Understandably upset that their little ones are missing out on the exceptional nutritional value in breast milk, they would rather purchase it from elsewhere than turn to formula. A mom who gives birth prematurely may experience a delay in her milk coming in. Or a mom whose baby is too sick or too immature to breastfeed may not be able to express enough milk. While there are milk banks available in order to help these people, due to a lack of donors they are not always in plentiful supply. This means that many mothers are willing to pay to make sure their baby is getting the nutrients they need.

It’s not just new born babies who are benefiting from the recent craze for selling your breast milk. Bodybuilders are buying it in bulk convinced that this natural supplement is massively important in building muscle and maintaining strength. Likewise people with illnesses also seem to be turning to drinking natural breast milk to fight diseases. There have been reports of some cancer patients drinking breast milk in order to ease the symptoms of chemotherapy while the effects have not been researched enough to be entirely clear.

While the subject is still quite controversial, it does appear that there is a market for selling your breast milk. A market that appears to be growing steadily. And while there is always the option to donate your breast milk to a local hospital if you feel you are over-producing, if you are looking to make some extra cash whilst on maternity leave then this could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Who knows, in a few years time you may even be able to pick up breast milk in your local store!


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