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In 2017, SmartMom launched the Real Life SmartMom series featuring your favorite Mommy Bloggers, experts and influencers. We go to these women for advice, recipes, support and whenever Google comes up with an answer we don’t like. Let’s get to know these amazing mommas a bit better – why? Because they are SmartMoms; and smart moms talk to SmartMoms.

This week we talk to mommy blogger, fashion influencer, and YouTube Channel star Morgen Marie! Mom to 2 kiddos, Morgen turns to SmartMom for advice on teething (yes, cold celery DOES work), potty training (no, age 3 is not an embarrassing age not to be potty trained as a boy), and making connections with other moms going through similar stages. We couldn’t be happier to have Morgen as part of our SmartMom Community!

Here are some questions we asked her:

Tell us about your kids: names, ages, and fun facts.

I’m a mother of 2! My son Caelen, who is 3 years old – and my daughter Kinsley, who is 9 months old. My husband and I both got our own “mini.” My son came out exactly like his dad, and our daughter got the red hair blue eyes like me!

What are some of your favorite things about your kids? 

Oh gosh. There are so many! With Kinsley, my absolute favorite is her red hair, and her gentle personality. She’s literally the opposite of her brother. With Caelen, I love how much he looks like his daddy and the way he treats his sister. He absolutely loves being a brother and is always asking us for more siblings.

Who do you look up to for parenting advice?

I look up to both my mom, and my husband, Tony’s Mom. They are both incredibly strong women and I thrive to be at least half the mother they are.

How would you describe what you do for your blog? 

I am a mommy blogger/ fashion Influencer. I primarily focus on the latest trends when it comes to style and parenthood, to share with my following on social media.

How do you balance work and family?

Luckily, I work from home. I’m a Fashion Influencer on Instagram – it’s been really nice to set my own schedule so I can spend time with my babies 24/7.

What does an ideal day look like for you?

The ideal day for me is staying home with my husband and kids, with a fire in the fireplace and a Disney movie on. These are my favorite days, always.

What were some of the biggest questions you had or challenges you faced as a first time mom?

Oh goodness. My biggest challenge is the Mom shaming. As a first time Mom, you can never be prepared enough. You’re going into motherhood blindfolded, learning things as you go – so of course as parents we can make mistakes. The Mom shaming was my biggest challenge for sure – but thankfully I’ve made some amazing Mama Friends on the SmartMom App that are always there when I have questions, or just someone to talk to.

How did becoming a mom change who you are? 

Before I became a mom, I had a lot of growing up to do. I was 20 years old and not in a good place in life.. but the second we found out we were having Caelen, my life immediately changed for the best. We call him our miracle baby – he truly is.

What are you favorite baby products you’ve discovered since becoming a parent?

My favorite, hands down is the Nosiboo! This thing is an absolute lifesaver during cold and flu season. Another favorite is anything Burts Bees Baby, of course. Love love love them!!

What was the most surprising or unexpected thing about becoming a mom?

The unconditional love you experience. It’s a love you never knew you were capable of feeling. I am just so in love with my babies.

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About Mary @ SmartMom

Mary is the Community Manager of SmartMom. She is a new mom to a bubbly little boy who has fire red hair and loves to smile. She loves to walk her dog, Bob, and watch Chicago sports with her husband. Go Cubs Go!