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At SmartMom, we are very excited to announce a new blogger series featuring your favorite Mommy Bloggers! We go to them for advice, recipes, support and whenever Google comes up with an answer we don’t like. Let’s get to know the mommies behind these amazing blogs a bit better – why? Because they are SmartMoms; and smart moms talk to SmartMoms.

img_7754This week we hear from Lauren Cheely of Southern Mommas. As SmartMoms, we are always looking for that very illusive luxury we called TIME. Especially around the holidays, our time is spent shopping – not for fun, but for family. Lauren is a shopping addict, so we turn to her for reviews, deals and giveaways. Her recommendations, gift guides, and money-saving strategies will help you save time and hopefully $$$ during the holidays.

Here are a few questions we asked –

Tell us about your kids: names, ages, and fun facts.

I have a two year old son named Bentley. He loves to cook, play outside, anything with wheels, and is a complete mommas boy!

What are some of your favorite things about your kids?

I love spending quality time with him. We love going to the park, cuddling to a great movie, or eating our weight in candy!

Who do you look up to for parenting advice?

I always ask my mom or my boyfriend’s mom for parenting advice.

How would you describe what you do for your blog?

I do product reviews on my blog. Every day as we get home, my son and I open all of our packages. We start reviewing whatever products are able to be reviewed at that moment. My son helping me with any toys of course! I then take my time in writing my opinion about that item on my blog.

How do you balance work and family?

I am not sure if I have a real answer! Haha, How does anyone balance life? I think the best way to balance work and family is to not bring work home.

What does an ideal day look like for you?

A typical day goes like this: I wake my son up, get him and myself ready for the day. Drop him off at school then go to work. At lunch I go pick up my son and drop him off at his grandmas, quickly eat lunch and make it back to work before I am late. Get off of work and pick up my son. Once we get home, I play with my son as much as possible, find something to eat, and pick up as much as I can. Give my son a bath,and put him to sleep. After he is asleep I clean up what I can, shower, and finally relax and do some blogging while watching Netflix until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

What were some of the biggest questions you had or challenges you faced as a first time mom?

Biggest question was, “why is he crying?” Every time he cried and I didn’t know what was wrong I felt like a failure.

How did becoming a mom change who you are?

Becoming a mom made me anti-social. I never have time for a life with friends anymore.

What are you favorite baby products you’ve discovered since becoming a parent?

The most used baby item was a Rock N Play or a Swing! My son lived in those. They came in handy all the time.

What was the most surprising or unexpected thing about becoming a mom?

The most surprising thing about becoming a mom, is the unconditional love you get from your child.

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