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In 2017, SmartMom launched the Real Life SmartMom series featuring your favorite Mommy Bloggers, experts and influencers. We go to these women for advice, recipes, support and whenever Google comes up with an answer we don’t like. Let’s get to know these amazing mommas a bit better – why? Because they are SmartMoms; and smart moms talk to SmartMoms.

Welcoming new mother Katie Cassman to the SmartMom Community! Katie is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Chicago, who recently gave birth to baby girl Caroline. On her beautiful blog and Instagram feed, Katie shows us how to maintain our sense of style throughout pregnancy and into motherhood. She also writes for popular outlets like and Let’s get to know Katie Cassman and welcome her to the club: Congrats, mama: you’re officially a Real Life SmartMom!

Here are some questions we asked:

Tell us about your kids: names, ages, and fun facts.

My daughter’s name is Caroline and she’s 4 months old. She’s starting to smile (on purpose) and laugh – it’s just the best!

What are some of your favorite things about Caroline?

Now that the weather is warmer, we are soaking up the sun and fresh air with outdoor walks on the 606 (a beautiful trail in West Town, Chicago). I also love bath time and our nightly ritual of reading together as a family.

Who do you look up to for parenting advice?

My best friend had a baby 2 months before me, so she is my go-to for all motherhood advice.  It is so helpful having her a little bit ahead of us and she always sheds light on what to expect.

How would you describe what you do for your blog?

On my blog I share bits of my life & style in my favorite city, Chicago. My blog has evolved as my life has and so it was only natural for motherhood content to become a part of my blog.

How do you balance work and family?

I always think of the saying you can do anything, but not everything. Being a mom has made me hyper aware of my time management skills. I find that being really organized helps me be best prepared for whatever the day brings with work and motherhood. There is truly no way to balance it.  Some days are harder than ours, but we’re all doing our best to make it work!

What does an ideal day look like for you?

An ideal day would be sleeping in past 7am (wishful thinking) going out to brunch with my family, taking a walk along the lakefront, enjoying some quiet time at the spa (preferably, Cowshed) followed by dinner at Bavettes.

What were some of the biggest questions you had or challenges you faced as a first time mom?

I am only 4-months into the job and have questions every day. It’s funny I fixate on something for a few days, it gets resolved and then I totally forget it was even an issue.  My latest question is how can I get my baby to nap in the crib? She naps everywhere and anywhere except her crib.

How did becoming a mom change who you are?

I whole heartedly think I feel everything deeper – love, pain, exhaustion, empathy, gratitude – everything!

What are you favorite baby products you’ve discovered since becoming a parent?

I love the Keekaroo Peanut Changer. It’s so easy to wipe clean after an accident happens on the changing table. I just learned about the Munchkin Formula Dispenser which has been so helpful for life on the go! We also love our Uppababy Vista Stroller it’s durable and easy to navigate.

What was the most surprising or unexpected thing about becoming a mom?

Every one said you can’t even imagine how much you will love your baby and I believed them, but I am surprised by how deep that love truly is.

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About Mary @ SmartMom

Mary is the Community Manager of SmartMom. She is a new mom to a bubbly little boy who has fire red hair and loves to smile. She loves to walk her dog, Bob, and watch Chicago sports with her husband. Go Cubs Go!