Would any mom leave work or call in if there baby was sick?? Even if the job don't take doctor excuses. I left work one day bc son was sick and called in to day bc he sick. I told them and all the moms who work there understand if my baby sick I will go even if it cost me my job. (He has 4 holes in his heart and doctor said he cannot get sick try everything you can to make him better if you cannot go to the hospital. ) just want all of your opinion about this.

JVP 1 like

I would leave work! (: hope Lo feels better soon.

Taylor S 1 like

Screw that job. Your baby is more important

First time mommy :) 1 like

I would definitely leave work!

Momma S 2 likes

I wouldn't even think twice about it my son has always n will always come first! Screw that job you can always get another one but your child is irreplaceable!!

Samantha R 1 like

Stay home, do what you gotta to for your LO , if your job doesn't understand that screw them.

Kaelea R 1 like

Thank you and not all of them get mad. it's Walmart but a lot of the guys who don't have a family like a baby and wife don't get it and you get points if you call in or go home early but I really don't care I can get a new job

Jessica 2 likes

Yep! This is why I was discharged from the army. They don't care bout your sick kids.

Melissa K 0 likes

I worked at the Hospital and they wouldn't allow dr excuses! I went into preterm labor and the girls on my floor had to hide it from my boss so I wouldn't get an occurrence! Sad to say most places are adapting these types policies and offering a 3 strikes out mentality as well, you qualify for FMLA and if your baby has those issues I would definitely apply... They can't fire you as long as it's under 12 weeks a year!

Asha G 1 like

I wouldn't think twice about it that's your number one priority do what u have to do girl

JRT ! 0 likes

This is just me...if my job was on the line and I needed it to support my child (as in the only parent) I would ask a family member for help caring for him/her first. If that wouldn't work out I would then be willing to lose the job to care for my child. I see it all as being a parent and as much as I'd want to be the one caring for him/her when he/she is sick I wouldn't want to lose my income either. If both parents are in the picture we would alternate time off to care for the child.

Mommy T 1 like

No question. There's more jobs out there. Kids are always ten times more important

N K 1 like

I would leave for sure. Hope your baby gets better!

Kaelea R 0 likes

Thank you all so much and I hope so to I'm just hoping it's from teething

Mommaofkj j 1 like

i dont care about a job our son is first always same with his dad

T T 1 like

I had to leave this week as soon as I got there on Wednesday morning. It sucks but I had no choice. My bosses have always understood but the one boss I had with no children was less understanding than the rest.

Lauren A 1 like

You have to look out for your baby. Yes it's hard when you have a job that also needs you, but your the mommy, and you don't want your LO to get any worse. Look out for that baby, and take care of him!

Mommy Of Two Guys 1 like

I'll definitely leave the job and go take care of my baby if that cost me my job and don't have anyway to pay my bills,I'll go apply for unemployment benefit until I get other job.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’ͺ

J K 1 like

I've called in and left work several times for my son when he is sick. I don't hesitate, I'm also lucky to have super understanding bosses who are flexible with me.

Courtney D 1 like

I would absolutely leave work or call off. We both called off one time. Our daughter was in the ER all night and then we had to wake up every 3 hours to take her temperature and give her medicine so came morning time we were not only exhausted but we didn't want to have one person do it.

Ashley S 1 like

Don't feel bad. Your family comes first.

Ashley B 1 like

Under his circumstances especially I would definitely leave work to be with him! I hope your job understands and you do not lose it, but you're a mommy and when your baby needs you you go runningπŸ’–

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