Does it decrease your milk supply of you pump more than actually skin to skin breastfeeding ?

Ashley J 2 likes

Nope!! Just make sure you pump for 15 minutes or more per breast!

Roro L 0 likes

No drink more fluids

Chelsea S 1 like

It did for me. I would breast feed for as long as you can , and then pump

Amber P 0 likes

Mthe more you pump/feed the more milk you will have! 😊

Amber P 0 likes


JVP 1 like

It did for me. I stopped pumping. Strictly bf.

Boy M 1 like

Can you just pump all together instead of actually breastfeeding ? He has problems with latching (which I know is due to using a binky & drinking my pumped milk out a bottle) I really don't wanna give up but I think he is lol

Liz J 0 likes


Boy M 1 like

Ugh 😩 I really want him to drink as much breast milk as possible . It's so much better for him

Chelsea S 0 likes

How old is he? I gave my baby a bottle at 2 weeks and he wouldnt want to breast feed anymore, i tried pumping but i could produce alot

Brittanyyy G 0 likes

You strictly pump. If your little one is already used to a bottle then pumping only isn't a problem . I know plenty of mothers who strictly pump.

Krystal G 0 likes

I was exclusively pumping and dried up after 2 weeks. My little one couldn't latch on right in the first place

AE M 0 likes

There is nothing better than nursing but if you can't because you are away from your baby the next best thing is to pump consistently so your milk supply doesn't decrease.

Boy M 0 likes

Ok great πŸ˜„ I think strictly pumping is my best option cause he just can't seem to latch . I was just worried it would decrease my supply . He's almost 3 weeks

Emily T 1 like

YES you can just only pump. I've been doing it for 6 months and plan to go for another 6 months. My LO has been great! Pump 20 minutes every 3 hours. Google and Pinterest exclusive pumping/pumpers and you will find a lot of useful information. A lot of people do it. You can do skin to skin with tummy time/snuggling/naps lactation specialist said the skin to skin is for the first 6weeks after that it doesn't affect milk supply. Drink lots and lots of water! Hope this helps!

Emily T 0 likes

You can also eat oatmeal (not the instant) or drink a beer to help increase milk supply.

Maca T 0 likes

This is what i do. You HAVE to put baby on breast in order to produce milk. So what i do is i put him on breast twice a day and the rest i will pump. For the two times i breastfeed i will pump also a storage the milk for later or for when i have to go out a hubby stays home with the baby. Now your baby is little still. You need to give him time to learn how to latch. Just keep trying and give him time. If you only pump your milk will dry out. Good luck! ✌️😊

Cassie L 0 likes

I think I pumped to much :( everyone's different though.

Stephanie A 0 likes

I strictly pump. My son is too lazy to latch on. Partially my fault for giving him the milk in a bottle. But my supply hadn't gone down down.

Fritzie Q 0 likes

I strictly pump too, but I think I'm not having enough milk, my LO is 3weeks old and she can finish 3-4oz now, but I can only pump 2-3oz every 2 hours :( will my milk gonna increase somehow?

Aarooa 0 likes

Baby is the best pump money can buy! The first few weeks you'll want to breastfeed first and then pump for 10 mins. This helps increase your milk supply.

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Linsi M 2 likes

You do not HAVE to put baby to breast to produce milk. I exclusively pumped for my twins. I got 60-70oz/day just by pumping. I think in the year that I pumped they each went to the breast less than 10 times. If pumping will work better for you, then do it mama! You're still giving your LO your milk & all the benefits πŸ˜ƒ

Emily T 1 like

My baby never latched to me and I produce at least 32-40oz per day exclusively pumping. I actually started pumping in the hospital. You can always contact your lactation specialist where you delivered. Drink a lot of water (32oz between pumps-think fish lol)! Now I pump every 3-4 hours but when my LO was a newborn I pumped every 2-3 hours. Do what is best for you!!

Emily T 0 likes I read this blog a lot when I first started exclusively pumping! Hope this helps!

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