Why does Breastfeeding in public have to be so taboo?! I hate not being confident enough to just do it. I even got myself a cute cover and everything but just find myself rushing home to feed him ughhhh

Aria's M 1 like

I totally agree! If anything, it's the most natural thing to do!

Austin S 3 likes

I do it in my car. I don't have to rush home but it's a little more private

Alisha R 3 likes

Most places in my area have more private areas you can go to nurse, which is nice. I used to be so embarrassed at the beginning, but now I don't care. I'm able to be modest about it (which took a long time to learn) and now most people just think she's sleeping. Be brave mama!! You need to have a life and be able to feed your baby!! Good luck!

Genny H 1 like

I'm the same way.

Tori W 2 likes

I was the same way at first. But I think of it as my baby needs to eat I'm not going to make him wait just because I'm out in public! I think trying to hide is ridiculous and people should definitely be more accepting if it

S.A 1 like

Same! It's sad really. Luckily I found some malls with really great nursing rooms so that takes some of the stress off that but anywhere else sucks. I feed my baby in the car a lot now.

Jill O 1 like

Yeah, lots of public restrooms have a seating area in them so you can nurse. Or if you find a place to sit and nurse I've found most people just avoid looking your way. But gurl just do it and after a few times you'll be a natural

Christina H 1 like

I was embarrassed at the beginning because I hardly ever had to do it because I didn't go many places. I used a cover but baby didn't like it and would try and kick it off lol. So I just did the best I could. Hopefully it gets better after awhile. Good luck!

Brianna A 1 like

I know I have the same problem I need more confidence to breast feed her it comes slowly

Isaura R 1 like

Thanks ladies, BF in the car is a good idea, that's what my husband suggested I just didn't think other mommies really did that, now I'm not going to feel so awkward doing it lol

Caitlyn S 2 likes

Don't feel ashamed ! I used to but then I was like " I need to feed my baby if you don't like it look the f*ck away lol"it is the most natural normal thing ever. I used a cover always but I would nurse everywhere lol I even nurse while paying for my wedding dress ( lol standing there at the cash yup) never mind the fact that boobs are on tv and movies sooooo much ! We are inundated with sex so if people don't like seeing a boob for the real purpose screw them, would they rather a screaming kid?

Brandis G 1 like

I would feed right before I left the house & tried to get back home before the next feeding. As I got more comfortable i would do the same but go to a dressing room or the car if i wanted to be out if the house longer. After that I would just wear a larger shirt or a scarf over a shirt & sit down somewhere like a bench in a non busy area. I realized that most people think I'm just holding my baby and not actually feeding her. After that I was very confident and never worried about it again!

Austin S 1 like

I had one person give me a dirty look when I was doing it, I just looked back at them. I'm not going to let my son be hungry because it makes others uncomfortable.

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