Who else skipped preschool for their child? I decided he'd Start at kindergarten but I was just wondering if I'm Alone here?

Brooklyn L 1 like

I'm skipping pre-K for my twins.

Nikki M 1 like

I did with my first 2 kids.

Baby G 1 like

We skipped for daughter and will for son too

JVP 2 likes

I skipped as a child. I feel school is so different now and it's much easier for them to get prepared in Vpk.

Thalias Mommy 1 like

I’m skipping my lo as well going straight to kindergarten there are lots of programs to help them prepare anyways

Kristen G 1 like

I skipped my kids. As long as you work on the alphabet and writing their name... That's sufficient. My 5 year is already starting to read and started kindergarten at the end of August. Crazy!

Peyton's M 2 likes

We aren't doing preschool, we work on stuff together at home. She is already where she needs to be for kindergarten and if she were in preschool she would be learning very little new information. She does dance, gymnastics and swim lessons to learn how to follow directions and interact without me present.

Mayra T 1 like

We are and I’m glad we aren't Alone.. I do practice her ABC, numbers, body parts, etc.. both in English and in Spanish .. and her grammar is really advanced For a 4 year old .. her sentences are on point 😄

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