Who believes in vaccinations and who doesn't and why?

Ashley L 0 likes

I do... Not only to protect my son, but because if people didn't vaccinate their kids, we'd have to deal with epidemics again. Could you imagine? There's no need for my son to get sick from a disease that can be easily prevented.

Heaven V 0 likes

This sounds like an argument waiting to happen...

Ashley R 3 likes

I do. I trust my doctors medical advice. I want to protect my children. I think they're important for public safety. They help protect those that have weak immune symptoms and are unable to get vaccinated.

Caitlin F 1 like

Personally I believe in them. Honestly it just makes me feel safer knowing baby is protected better from certain things. But I am not putting anyone down who doesn't vaccinate. I completely understand it's a personal choice

Shannon S 0 likes

I definitely do because the risks/effects are less dangerous and less likely than the diseases themselves...why not protect your baby from diseases that could kill them, destroy their brain, cause deformities....the only ones I don't agree with are the chicken pox ones. To each their own I guess, but antivaxxers I don't understand...they have all been vaccinated (in most cases anyway) and turned out just fine so why is it such a big deal now?

Mommy M 1 like

😂😂😂Lmao...I read who believes in "VACATIONS"..😁😁😁 and I was like who won't believe in vacations 😆😆😆 In a serious note-i totally believe in vaccinations and I was vaccinated too! It's saving my baby from many unwanted , dangerous diseases in the world!

K R 2 likes

I believe in them, I posted earlier about opinions on vaccinations if you want to go take a look at the comments & see what other mamas are saying.

Kate J 4 likes

Vaccines are the reason we don't have so many horrible diseases. Every person who doesn't vaccinate is putting their child and every child they come in contact with at risk.

Jessica J 1 like

I believe in them. When I put something about it on fb some of the moms on mine said they know family/friends that their kids ended up dieing from it.

Kristen G 1 like

I feel like the only reason you shouldn't vaccinate is for severe allergies. All others should be vaccinated to protect those that can't. Please protect little babies who haven't had all their vaccinations yet!

671 N 1 like

I believe in them and am vaccinating per the AAP schedule. There are many more studies that prove the efficacy of vaccines than those that don't, plus history shows us how the diseases slowed down once vaccination started. Plus as a momma, I'd be nervous sending my baby to daycare with an unvaccinated baby.

Brittany S 2 likes

I believe in them. I believe they're important to help keep our babies safe. As well as for public safety if they go to daycare or school. I trust my pediatricians medical advise on what to do or not do for my daughter .

Yasmine D 1 like

I do (for all the reasons that the previous moms have said), and for those who don't unless you plan on homeschooling your kid they're not getting into school or daycare for that matter until they get vaccinated.

Linzy F 5 likes

I believe in them and think they should be mandatory!!!

Amy G 1 like

I believe because no disease is gone it's just held at bay with massive amounts of people being vaccinated. You are not only protecting your child from potential harmful illness but others who have weak immune systems who can't get vaccinated. I have a friend who DD has Down's syndrome and a weak immune system so she can't all the vaccines by vaccinating my children I'm also protecting hers. This is what people don't think about. We live in a time and place that except for the very old cont.

Amy G 1 like

People have not seen what some of these diseases can do. Think of the recent outbreaks in Africa, yes there is no vaccine for that, but that's what used to happen in the USA. My SO uncle had polio as a small child and his whole left side of his body was paralyzed. Do you want to subject you child to something like that because you choose to not vaccinate?

Holly S 3 likes

Yes 100% as a nurse why would you want to put your baby through something that could be avoided.

Ambar M 1 like

I believe in them! :) so beeded

Ambar M 1 like


Amy G 0 likes

Oh yes and the doctor who said there was a correlation between autism and vaccine has come out saying he fudged the study and it's actually not true. He has actually had his doctors license revoked.

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