What is it with these white noise products that only stay on up to 45 min? I don't get how that's helpful for a good nights sleep. Can anyone recommend the white noise machine their LO uses that you can set for longer? And what do you like about it?

Kathryn J 2 likes

Following because I am looking for one as well with a "womb" white noise that lasts longer that my current 30 minute limit. I will update if I find one that doesn't require "an upgrade" for a longer time period. (:

Tess J 1 like

We have one! Hang on and I will look up the name of it ;)

Ashley C 1 like

Aden and Anais Serenity Star lasts 30mins, 60mins or continuous.

Andy 2 likes

We use the homedics brand sound machine from target. Stays on all night and has multiple sound settings. This has been a must need item for us. It has literally put our LO to sleep instantly at times. Also helps to drown out other noises.

Catherine R 1 like

I have a sound spa and it stays on all night. You can set it. For a certain time but if you don't then it just goes until you turn it off.

G's Mom 1 like

Homedics my baby sound spa

Joshuin M 1 like

We got ours from Walmart in the baby section. It has white noise as well as other sounds and a projector with a few different pictures to project. It can have a timer or be continuos.

Ashley H 1 like

I have the munchkin brand with projector. We leave it on all night. We have been through two already in 5 months but they are only about $25 from target or Walmart.

Baby Girl 3 likes

I use a box fan all night.. I use one myself so my LO got used to it when she was in my room for the first 4 months. Now she has one in her room for naps and nighttime

Wallaby M 1 like

Homedics is great!

Katie V 2 likes

We actually use the Simply Noise app & it stays on all night plus it's free 😊 just be sure to put your device on airplane mode so notifications don't pop up!

Linsi M 1 like

I just use the Johnson & Johnson bedtime app on my old iPhone 4. It stays on all night & the app is free.

Jillian S 1 like

I got a white noise machine at Staples. Stays on as long as it's plugged in! Way better than any of the baby ones we tried.

Amanda H 1 like

We ended up buying a more expensive one - ecotones sound & sleep machine. We bought the munchkin brand twice. We loved it, but the first one the sound kept fading until you could barely hear it. Then the second ones sound died two months after purchase. We decided to purchase ecotones (it doesn't have baby features) bc we wanted one that's last. It works great. It has great sound choices. My son is 7 months so we are already on our 3rd machine! Have had no problems w/this one so far!

Nichole L 1 like

I use a box floor fan as well

Lauren C 0 likes

We have a munchkin machine. Absolutely LOVE it! Has a timer for music or you can keep music on all the time. Also has a nightlight, and a projector with different slides and picture scenes. It's great. Has 6 different music selections. The timer works for the music and pictures😊.

Courtney M 0 likes

I love the Sleep Sheep! It's a stuffed animal sheep that you put a speaker in that has 4 different sounds like rain storm or whales. There is a setting for 20 minutes or 45 minutes. I love that it's small enough to attach to the car seat or the side of the crib or rock and play. It's very portable and plush.

Kara P 0 likes

I have the sleep sheep already. It does a good job, but I do not like the max timer is 45 min. Thanks for the tips mommas, I will take a look at what you've recommended!

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