While pregnant do you or did you crave salty foods or sweet foods?

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I craved spicy food

Caitlyn H 1 like

I didn't crave anything. I just ate everything πŸ˜‚

Taylor B 1 like

Sweet! Cake, cookies, brownies! All that good stuff lol

Renee W 2 likes

Both! But I was NEVER a dessert person and even now that my son is almost 5 months old I can not get enough cookies and candy and cake and anything chocolate!!

Jessica 1 like

Yes with my daughter, my first born I craved lemons for some reason, I absolutely couldn't eat salad with her either I would always get sick. With my son my second I always wanted cookies cakes candy any thing sweet!!

Salina A 3 likes

I ate nothing but pickles my first trimester. Then I ate nothing but sweet or spicy after that

Ruth A 3 likes

For me it was everything sour lol and crazy stuff like green apple with vinegar and salt lol

M. S 1 like

With both my pregnancies(both boys) I craved things I would never eat before!!! Mushrooms, hamburgers, chips and dip, pickles!! Lol

Bree T 2 likes

Sweets! And lots of em

Renee W 2 likes

And I hated chicken! Like grossssssss anything with chicken made me want to gag 😝

Sarah F 2 likes

Salty OMG I didn't. Like sweets and I have always had a sweet tooth even after my pregnancy I craved French fries! Ohhhh they were so yummy I would go to McDonald and get a large fry and a half cut tea every day lol

Brandi A 1 like

Yes, yes, yes! Both!

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Raven M 2 likes

I craved both, my cravings are very very weird. Lol

Wonder M 2 likes

I craved crushed ice from sonic ice cream and fries

Brittney E 1 like

I've been craving sweets my whole pregnancy! Ice cream, choc milk, cake, brownies, cookies, you name it..luckily I haven't gained any extra weight from my indulgences since I've been very active. :)

Mama Of M*** and A*** 1 like

I heard if u craving salty food and meat- its a boy, if sweet food- its a girl:))) i ate salty food and meat and i knew from the day one that it will be a boy! Now my DS 9 month! πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜ƒ

Krista P 1 like

I am i have a huge craving for salty foods I try and keep it healthy but that's hard cause some of the best foods that are salty arnt the best for u

Roxy G 1 like


Mama J 1 like

I craved sweets with my son. I'll be 6 weeks tomorrow and I've wanted nothing but pickles and salt & vinegar chips. πŸ˜‹

Flower C 1 like

I craved both!!

C L 2 likes

I craved orange juice like crazy. And couldn't eat lettuce or eggs. Haha.

Jennifer L 1 like

For me, I have craved mangos, sweet potatoes, and spicy food.

Miko J 1 like

I craved creamy chicken Caesar salad & would enjoy it with broken up townhouse crackers, diced tomatoes, diced sharp cheddar cheese. Until I learned at 10 weeks that I couldn't eat any creamy salad dressings because the egg yolks in it contains salmonella. I was so desperate in my craving that I would heat up the creamy Caesar dressing before putting it in my salad lol it was the cherry on top. I stopped after that. My fiancΓ© made fun of me for it. I crave spicy and salty 10% of the time sweets

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