Where do you stand on spankings are you for or against... How do you discipline your child(ren)

Portia M 4 likes

I am for when it comes to certain things. If they are doing something dangerous (ie. trying to run in the parking lot, grabbing scissors) then I will. I usually either put my girls in time out or keep them from being able to do something they want to do.

Jenn S 2 likes

It depends on how far they push. I'd rather take their favorite things away for a short time. My 12 years old lost her privacy due to slamming her bedroom door constantly. She now has no door and has to change in the bathroom. My 9 year old loves her iPod (Netflix) so that gets taken away or her bike. My 2 year old will have to sit in the time out chair. If they are bad they will get a spanking. I hate doing. But it usually does not go that far.

Paula G 4 likes

I spank. Not often, but that is my discipline method, and has worked well for all 5 children. I haven't had to spank my children past the age of 4. My sister who does not spank, has the most unruly kids, however, she doesn't discipline much at all. Which, in my opinion, is the worst method.

Kara E 2 likes

I spank my son when he knows what he is doing wrong and if I was telling him no prior . If I wasn't watching him I won't spank I mean he is 2 . I don't beat him but I'll spat him good and he cries. But it has proven to be useless RGHT now .time out works and so does a switch .all you have to do is show them and they stop .

Kris L 2 likes

I believe in spare the rod spoil the child

Kim R 0 likes

I don't like spanking unless they are doing something dangerous like playing with sharp objects , outlets , poisons etc... The only exception for me if not dangerous is if not listening one bit and time outs aren't working then ill spank , to be hitting a child gives the child the impression that they can hit and it's ok , they do as they see , my bf son hits and it's cuz my bf spanks him all the time and he thinks it's ok cuz daddy does it , lead by example if u dont want ur child hiting then

Kim R 0 likes

Don't hit/spank him unless he isn't listening whats so ever , time outs aren't working at moment and if he's doing something that can harm him or her other then that do time outs

Kim R 0 likes

And explain to him what he did /done was bad in both spanking or time outs so they know what they are gettin in trouble for

Holly E 0 likes

I will spank if my child is doing something he knows better then to do. I also use time outs in the play pen which he absolutely hates, but that's really for first and second offenses. You can tell when your child is testing you, and it's scary how quickly they catch on.

Courtney N 0 likes

I've spanked my 21 month old a couple of times (less than 5) and they were more for 'hey pay attention that's not okay'. I was spanked as a child and am not completely against it. However, we do timeouts for one minute times her age (so she goes for one min now but soon will get two). She hates not being involved so I think they get her attention.

Kirbie D 4 likes

I don't spank either. I was spanked as a child with a belt, a paddle, a hanger etc. it was traumatic and usually it wasn't even because I was in trouble. With that being said for me I just can't do it. I remember what if felt like being scared and I just can't do that to my child. But I do fully support a parents right to chose how they want to discipline. To each their own.

Caroline W 1 like

I'm against spanking. I don't believe that one should hit a kid to teach them. We tell our kids hitting is wrong. Spanking is hitting. I don't want to send the message that big people can break that rule/pick on small people. Consequences are my method of choice.

Ciara B 1 like

My son gets spankings.. Yes ma'm. But it depends on what he is being punished for. He is 6 years old now. When he started preschool and started getting a little "bad" that's when he started getting spankings. His dad is different than me, he spanks him for just about anything. I've got it to where I've scared my son that much all I need to do is pick up the belt and he moves right along.

Ciara B 0 likes

But lately the last year, i've tried to cut back on the spankings. More of just serious talks and/or raising my voice. Lately he's gta do something REALLY bad to get a spanking. I always think of it like this, u never want to hit ur child out of anger. BC when ur mad ur strength is naturally increased and u could be seriously causing damage. His dad says I'm thinking way too much into it.

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