What's a good age to switch into a toddler bed? My LO just turned 1 and she is on the petite side she's about 19 pounds. She can get off my couch very easily, I'm just afraid if I switch her to a toddler bed she might fall off even with bed rails. Too soon maybe?

ProudMom M 1 like

I know same here I want to switch my twins boys to a toddler bed they are 15 months but im afraid they may fall, they are 25 pounds n they get on and off couch very easily

Jessica D 4 likes

If she's so tiny I would wait or u could always put a lining of pillows and cover with a blanket on the floor next to her bed I did that with my son when he was 1 and I always found him on the pillows in the am but he never woke up lol he still falls out of bed occasionally but just gets up n jumps back in bed

Savannah R 2 likes

If my daughter is anything like me she will fall off, I fell off the bed plenty of times lol. And another thing she is a very wild sleeper

Kylee P 0 likes

I switched my daughter when she was 14 months she fell of quite a bit at first but her body just adjusted to sleeping in a bed.

Marissa L 0 likes

Mine LO is in the same boat. She's 14 months and 18 lbs. I keep her in the crib and will try to as long as possible bc she moves so much while she's sleeping. However, she's already managed to climb out of the crib when she's awake. But I still think it's safer to keep them in the crib as long as possible so they don't hurt themselves while sleeping (if they move around a lot)

Maritza R 1 like

I would wait a little longer, if you have doubts that means its not time, when its time you will know for sure

Shannon C 0 likes

I have a 9 yr old.. He went to a toddler bed as soon as I thought I could get him to stay in at bed time. He had a side rail. My twins are 10 months. I'm thinking the same for them. I have always been big on sleep training. So they go to bed awake. Since 6 months I haven't had any problems. Once they can climb out of the crib we won't have a choice. I'm going to put up a gate too. There's 2 this time. They'll problem tag team me lol.

Carmen O 1 like

My daughter is pretty small also. She will be one tomorrow (yay). She can get off the couch and on it just fine and as even take naps on it with no issue. However, since I'm close during those naps id rather wait. I'm going to buy it as a Christmas present and have her sleep on it then she she is a little bigger and more aware.

Celease M 1 like

I switch my son at a year and a half I did order a longer bed rail from walmart for more security...he is a very wild sleeper and has never fell off

Jenn S 1 like

As long as she isn't climbing out o her crib I'd leave her in one. No need to rush the toddler bed. My son was in one early only because I was afraid he'd break his neck climbing out.

Eileen C 0 likes

I would wait unless you need the crib for another baby.

Linda C 0 likes

My son was around 2 years old

Amanda P 2 likes

My son will be 3 in October and we JUST switched to a toddler bed last weekend! And believe me, I wasn't ready, but he was! He climbed out of his crib for the first time a couple weeks ago and it scared me to death! That's when I said it had to go. My mom always said keep them in their crib as long as they'll stay in it because you'll always know where they are and I did. Since we've switched he sleeps almost ALL night in HIS BED! He was ready to be a big boy! :)

Mommy 0 likes

Once they start climbing out of a crib

Samantha J 0 likes

My sons doctor told us to get him into a toddler bed as soon as his arm pits fit over the ledge! ☺️

Ashley H 0 likes

My some was hefty at a year old and that's when we converted his crib to a toddler bed. Do it when you're comfortable. They have the bed rails so they won't fall out.

Vanessa W 0 likes

I put my LO in a toddler bed when he was 2.5 years old .Trust me, you dont want to rush them out of the crib. When your LO starts to try to climb out thats when id switch

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