When to stop swaddling? My 6 wk old has never liked her arms being swaddled but we did it anyways because she slept longer that way. Without swaddle she would startle herself awake. The last couple days she was been waking up more I think trying to get out of it and I'm thinking its time to try sleeping without it? When did other moms stop?

Erika E 2 likes

Try the swaddle bag. They have them at walmart for $8

Nicole M 2 likes

My son hated it stoped after 2 weeks

Jenny O 1 like

Mine didn't like his arms being swaddled so I kept his arms out. I stopped doing it around 7 weeks or so.

D D 1 like

My son was only swaddled for 2 weeks. He absolutely hates it. He would constantly wake up because he couldn't move. He started sleeping through the night when I stopped. And he was rolling my 2 months old :-)

Naomi O 1 like

I stopped at 3 months

Roro L 1 like

If your baby seems uncomfortable u should stop I just swaddle my Lo few days when she is newborn and she doesn't like anymore my pedi told me u should stop

Adesa M 1 like

Use your mommy instinct.

Alysha G 1 like

My son never liked it so I didn't swaddled him too long. Stopped after the first week.

Annie P 1 like

My 11 weeks: I still do it at night

Meg B 1 like

My lo 15 weeks and is doing the same. He will def wake more u swaddled. I swaddled my oldest until he was 6 months then we put him in a zipadee-zip. U can google them and get them off their website. We used one until he was 16 months. And it reassured me he wasn't cold in the colder months so I kept a blanket out longer.

Natalie M 1 like

My little one is 3 months and won't sleep otherwise, although I have started this week trying not to swaddle him but he wakes up more often now.

Ashley L 1 like

I stop swaddling about that time. He sleeps great because he likes to have his arms out too.

K P 1 like

Mine is 16 weeks and we just bought zipdeezip. He sleeps through the night and does great naps when swaddled. He doesn't really like and now he is starting to roll. And we try the halo sleep sack and he doesn't sleep well-just plays/moves and eats his hands.

Ash W 1 like

Definitely try a swaddle that has velcro, kind if looks like a baby straight jacket but it works. We stopped at 3 months because our little guy started rolling and trying to roll in his sleep.

Linsi M 1 like

We stopped shortly after we got home from the hospital because I didn't want them dependent on it in order to sleep

Lindy R 1 like

10 weeks we stopped! Took a few days but she actually started sleeping longer and now she's in a sleep sac

Judy V 1 like

We stopped at 3 weeks because I could tell that my son wanted some space to move his arms and legs. Halo makes sleeping sacks if you want to try that next.

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