My son is 2.5 months old he has been eating cereal once in the morning and once at night. I would like to know when would be a good time for me to start introducing the supported sitter foods? I know they say not until 4 months, but does anyone really wait that long?

Jordan C 8 likes

2.5 months is early for rice cereal also. All your little baby needs is milk or formula for at least the first 6 months. I would suggest skipping the ride cereal all together.

Samantha H 1 like

I started feeding OATMEAL at 3 months. I never did baby cereal. Shortly after I started oatmeal I started solids. At about 3.5 months he had eaten sweet potato and peaches(for fiber). At 5.5 months he is eating EVERYTHING we are eating besides our milk. Chicken fish roast beef gravies yogurt cheese peas carrots potato. Anything you can think of. The only food that he hasn't liked is cauliflower(but how can you blame him haha).

Marianne M 5 likes

We didn't do any food, cereal or veggies, until seven months. Their digestive tracts are one of the last things to develop. There's no reason to rush it.

Marielle K 2 likes

I did rice and oatmeal at 4 months and fruits and veggies started at 5 months. This is what my dr recommended I still thought it was early but my DD did great on in so no regrets.

Caroline W 4 likes

I skipped cereals. Started solids around 5.5 months. Wasn't daily until 6.5 months.

Sondra P 0 likes

It's recommended not to start any foods, including cereal, until 4-6 months depending on when LO is a good supported sitter, shows interest in foods, and loses the tongue-thrust reflex. Before that their system just isn't ready. How are you feeding the cereal now? Does LO actually take it via spoon feeding, or are you putting it in a bottle? If bottle, why twice a day? Does LO have reflux?

Sarina W 2 likes

That's early to start solids as their body is not developed enough for it. Their gut can't digest it properly. I would hold off till at least 4 months but it's best to wait 6. Also if your LO isn't sitting unsupported I wouldn't start that food yet

Aprilbaby 6 likes

It's actually dangerous before 4 months. Their digestive systems to process the food isn't even developed until 16-17 weeks.

Alysha B 2 likes

We talked to our son's pediatrician & decided to wait until almost 6 months.

Cami M 0 likes

I kinda introduced my kids when they were around 5 months

Cami M 0 likes

By the time they were 6 months they ate everything

J B 3 likes

I waited until 6 months to give my daughter any food, so yes, people do really wait that long. And longer!! Babies have such tiny bellies and are so sensitive, on top of food not being as well rounded as breast milk or formula. You don't want to fill your baby up on food that doesn't have enough iron, protein or any other vitamin needed for healthy development.

Alyssa H 0 likes

I waited until 6 months for any food.

Katherine T 0 likes

4-6 months is the earliest babies should have rice cereal. I would wait on any solids. There are studies that have been done that show starting solids too early leads to obesity.

Lyn S 2 likes

I'm wondering what is the rush to feed babies with solid food so early! They just came from us where they didn't have to process food because we did it for them. The bm or formula help them to train the digestive system slowly to a new whole experience, is so immature at that point! I'm strongly believe that force them to eat solids or food different to bm or formula before 6 months make them susceptible to allergies and constipation.

Eryn 0 likes

That's way too early for solids. I will say I gave my son rice cereal in his bedtime bottle around that age but that's it. I did not start baby food until 4 months. Any earlier and you risk damaging their digestive systems or even causing allergies

T 0 likes

I started my lo on oatmeal single grain at 3 months bc she was underweight. I gave her the oatmeal in a bottle twice a day. My lo is currently 5 months and the doctor has recommended waiting until 6 months for any other solids. I haven't given her anything but the oatmeal. Knowing in a few weeks, I will be introducing solids, I have let her play with a spoon and bowl while we eat dinner.

Laura W 1 like

I hope your pediatrician suggest you start the cereal and you didn't just decide to do so yourself. At 2 months nutrition should com from BM or formula and cereal should only be given when ordered by a dr.

Mackenzie S 1 like

Yes my doctor is the one who suggested the cereal and yes my son is a supported sitter and is already lifting his head and chest off of the floor for long periods of time. I do realize it is early and maybe I should try to feel it to him orally before I try to do other foods. But my goodness moms it's a question no need to attack me thank you!!

Jordan C 0 likes

No one attacked. We simply gave educated information to your question. No reason to get offensive because you didn't get the answers you were looking for.

Mackenzie S 0 likes

For your info actually I didn't feel attacked because I didn't get an answer you think I wanted I feel attacked because it seems as though you guys are coming at me for even giving my son cereal. And I know a lot of moms that don't wait until 4 months to start solid foods that's why I wanted to ask for other opinions

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