When should I start to pack a hospital bag? I'm 8 months but they changed my due date by a week since I got gestational diabetes. So it's kinda hit or miss I was told. And what would I need to pack for the baby for the hospital stay. What would he/she need?

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Start packing girl lol.. I packed mine at 8 months .. Just pack a outfit for your little one to go home with , nail clippers, blankets and a coat if it's cold where you live..

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I would say get started on it now and you'll need to bring pjs for you socks and towel thing you use at home in your bathroom something to ready or a tablet some outfits for the baby and snacks

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Silly me, I brought make up and nice undies, and pjs. I used none of these. I was induced. I packed my bag literally right before I went to the hospital. They'll give you net looking undies, pads, just pack your own showering needs and a night gown. And an outfit to go home in. For baby bring outfits. I only brought 1 NB and the rest 3m. The NB was too big! So pack accordingly. They give you everything for baby, diapers wipes, formula, bibs. You literally only need to bring outfits! And blankets

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I packed mine at 6 or 7 months because I was antsy and a FTM...i was excited. I packed everything I wouldn't need to use until I got there an everything else I just kept together in a pile so I could throw it in my bag when the time came. For the baby, you probably won't need much. I would bring an outfit for the baby to come home, a blanket and something warm for the baby to wear but we didn't need much else. The hospital we went to provided diapers, wipes, a pacifier if you wanted it, etc.

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Hi! You should definitely get it ready asap! I packed mines at 36 weeks. Water broke at 37! Baby will be provided everything in the hospital. You will need an outfit, blanket and carseat to take the baby home. But pack the bag for yourself asap:) you'll need underwear, comfy stuff like sweats or modest night gowns that are easy to breastfeed in if you are planning to. Toiletries, phone charger, camera, nipple cream and thats about it. Good luck!:)

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I started packing at 7 months just to be prepared and I was glad I did so because I had my daughter at 8 months. It's always good to be prepared. Check out this link http://www.babycenter.com/packing-for-the-hospital-or-birth-center#articlesection1

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I packed mines when I was about 8 months. I mean better to be prepared and just wait then be ill prepared and have to rush and forget things. In my bag I brought a change of clothes to come home in, and a bring home outfit for the baby. That's all that's really necessary because the have a little something for you, but I brought my own things. In short pretend your just spending the weekend at a friends house and bringing a new special friend home ☺️ good luck

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Do it now because over the next couple weeks you'll think of things that you'll need

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Now. I thought I had time so I waited and then I went into labor 3 weeks early. I didn't have anything packed. I was walking around after my water broke packing mine, hubby's and baby's stuff for the hospital. Procrastination was not my friend this time. Haha

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Hospitals provide everything for baby while you're there, so just an outfit to go home in and a blanket. For you, make sure to take lots of snacks, a pillow from home, pjs/sweats, nursing pads and a pump if you plan on breastfeeding, and your bathroom products. I took earbuds and listened to my music during the toughest contractions and it really helped me get through. Good luck!

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Better to be prepared :) Packing list: for you - socks, comfy loungewear/pjs for after labor (and you don't mind getting a bit messy), a robe if you want, toiletries for your first pp shower, a little makeup for all the pics and guests (sounds silly but I was so glad I brought my CC cream and bronzer), nursing tanks if you plant to BF, going home outfit. Also snacks are good but people usually bring you! My must-have was Aquaphor for chapped lips! Baby - going home outfit and car seat!

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Sorry to post again but also make sure you take what they give you at hospital - pads, disposable underwear, nursing shields, perennial bottle, diapers, etc. and know you don't need those things. The hospital provides a lot for baby so don't worry about that! And good luck :)

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Get packing. You'll need a few newborn sleepers, diapers, wipes, a baby blanket. I also brought an on the go change pad. If you have a nursing pillow and plan to nurse you should bring it. If you have a baby who wants to suck all the time for comfort you may need a pacifier. Don't forget everything that you'll want for yourself too! Make a list of stuff that you want to grab at the last minute, like phone and charger and wallet, etc. b/c you won't have it packed ahead of time.

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My hospital had everything for the baby and when I left they let me take it all. And I just packed myself some sweats and like a night gown to wear the days I was at the hospital. And bring a boppy pillow if you have one for the baby it makes feeding so much easier.

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I know this sounds weird but bring depends diapers for ur self bc the pads they give suck and u will be bleeding way too much for it. I did and it saved my life lol

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Following because this will be me soon! Great advice ladies!

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Pack now! I had to go at 34 weeks and had an emergency C-section. I think the only thing I had time to throw in the bag was my phone charger and an extra T-shirt. Not what I had planned at all! Fortunately, they provide everything you need, but that doesn't mean it's the most comfortable.

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Following because this will be me soon! Great advice ladies!

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The hospital pretty much provided everything we needed. I overpacked and only used my phone charger and electric toothbrush. 😳

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I just had my third baby. And I didn't have a hospital bag really. I went to the hospital in my night gown and slippers, brought my bottle of lotion and iPhone charger. And that's it. The hospital provides toiletries and a shirt for baby. And diapers, wipes and a pacifier. I just brought the car seat along, and one baby outfit to go home.

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Awesome awesome advice girls thanks a million!

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