What do I need to pack in my hospital bag? What did you wear after delivery?

Jasmine D 2 likes

Honestly you don't need much. I definitely over packed and didn't use half of my stuff. I wore a comfy t-shirt and my pj pants after delivery since I was so sore down there I wanted to be comfy. Have your toothbrush/toothpaste, a hair tie, one or two outfits for your baby, soap/body wash if you want to shower, your own pads if you want (you'll be bleeding a lot), the baby's car seat of course. My family and friends got me food and snacks after the delivery.

Amanda H 0 likes

Either a night gown or yoga pants. I lived on yoga pants and nursing tanks from right after delivery until... Well, I'll let you know when that changes ;)

Amanda H 1 like

I Also buy a big pack of cheap underwear. You'll probably get blood on them one way or another and can just toss them then

Brittany B 0 likes

Wear whatever is comfortable:) I wear a shirt and sweat pants. They'll have to check your bleeding and so you will need to wear something u can pull up or on and off easily. Bring your normal toiletries . I have always brought a little makeup cuz people come in or want to take pics. Might make u feel a little more normal :)

Tana J 0 likes

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I didn't take any because my family said I wouldn't need it because they have some and oh boy did I regret not packing any! They gave me a travel size shampoo and body wash with no conditioner -__- and I stayed there 3 days....

Steph N 0 likes

Toiletries, your own pads ( absorbent but not bulky), comfy clothes like pjs or yoga pants and t shirts. Baby car seat and an outfit or two. I'd suggest underwear that you can throw as well. You don't need much actually:)

Jeanine H 0 likes

Warm Pajamas, hair ties, a hair brush, hygienic stuff (mouth, body), a couple outfits for the new baby (I dressed him in clothes, some moms choose to leave them in the clothes the hospital provides) don't bring diapers, wipes or any baby stuff. They give you all that. Maybe an extra blanket or pillow for the hubby

Esther C 0 likes

As far as pajamas I think the dresses are the best way to go. Pajama pants or shorts were a pain

Chelsey H 0 likes

They say to pack stuff you wore at 6 months pregnant, since you'll still have a belly. I brought all my hygeine products, comfy clothes, slippers, and comfy undies. Also bring movies and other things to do, it can be boring stuck in a hospital!

SSZ 0 likes

Lotion, Chapstick, nipple cream incase you get sore, nipple pads if you leak, cell phone and charger, camera, mints. Slippers.

Raquel B 0 likes

A nursing bra, boppy and toiletries were what I used the most....oh and Chapstick!!!

Lori A 1 like

Comfy pjs, a going home outfit(bring maternity pants), 1-2 outfits for baby, Breast pump(hospital may provide), toiletries, granny panties(use the pads and mesh panties hospital gives(ask for extras to take home), every one says iPad, movies...but I didn't have time for that. If you do a vaginal delivery you are home before you know it.

Kara M 0 likes

I also overpacked and agree with all the suggestions above. I also had a music playlist that I had on during delivery and it helped keep me calm...staff liked it too!

Perfectly M 1 like

Like first comment said, not much. I went online from a couple websites and made a list from those. I brought sooo much stuff but ended up using only a handful of items. Embarassingly, I didn't use my brush (even after I left the hospital, for a good week or two). I was told not to wear underwear because I had a c section and had to let it heal a little first, also I didn't need underwear or clothes because I always had on the hospital gowns. They provided towels, soap, rags, socks, food.

Perfectly M 0 likes

I really only needed a robe, slippers, tooth brush, tooth paste, pjs for my going home outfit and a cute outfit for daughter (she wore the hospital uniforms pretty much the whole stay, that and she was covered by blankets always). A hair tie on my wrist always, one keeping my hair up, and an extra in a bag (big for me because long hair and I hate hair). Also brought a pacifier (MAM) because I didn't like hospital grade types (soothies). My phone and charger, camera with extra battery. That's it!

Kathy M 0 likes

I wore the same clothes I wore in. I had a scheduled induction so I put them on right before I got there. I used a lot of hospital stuff. I did the tour before and they showed us everything they had. I packed 1 gym bag for my husband, me and my son. I brought toothbrush/toothpaste, brush, deodarent, Chargers, hair ties, granny panties, robe, iPad, pillow,Chapstick, clothes for hubby and his coming home clothes.

Scarlett and Brooklynn's M 0 likes

I actually didnt pack enough because I stayed longer than I planned for. I agree with buying a pack or two of underwear. I opted for the boy short kind so I didnt feel like I was wearing granny panties lol... Also bring a variety of clothing. If you have visitors you might want to have something other than comfies (but maybe not!)

Kathy M 0 likes

My husband did end up buying me pads bc I was allergic to the hospital one! The hospital has a lot of stuff.

Caitlyn S 0 likes

Comfy clothes, a big sleep shirt you can this out after , and you own toiletries , that first shower is the bomb and I lived having yummy shampoo and body wash. Nothing too strong smelling as most places are scent free but that being said no one really cares

Susan E 0 likes

Comfy clothes, granny panties, sports bra's. I had brought my own pillow and that helped me sleep! Congrats and good luck

Jaclyn R 0 likes

I brought my phone charger!!! Very important. A robe slippers a travel kit from the target the dollar section( travel section) extra underwear and pajamas in case you bleed through. I wore the clothes home that I wore there. An outfit for the baby. I actually brought some snacks with me since I do not like hospital food I had something to snack on. Good luck hope you have an easy delivery and healthy baby and mommy. Can't wait to hear the news

Josie L 0 likes

Comfy t-shirts and comfy stretchy pants (like yoga pants). And fuzzy socks with the tread stuff on the bottom. :-)

K B 0 likes

Pretty much what everyone else said! I brought a nursing bra, change of clothes to leave the hospital in (baggy shirt and yoga pants), and bathroom supplies. I stayed in the hospital gown and I used the mess panties and even got extra to go home with! Lol. Make sure you take everything home with you from the hospital. Even ask for more!!

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