When packing a hospital bag, am I supposed to pack maternity clothes still? What all did you ladies who already have LOs pack? I'm not just asking about clothes.

Erin B 1 like

I got this big ugly granny gown but it was soooo comfy though. Glad I got it though cause I had a csection

S.mama 2 likes

Everyone is different. I just bright my reg yoga sweater and pants stretchy and comfy.

Jeana M 0 likes

Leaving the hospital you will want maternity or loose clothing. Your belly is still kinda big. Also bring comfy sweats or pjs for your stay after delivery.

Mrs. H 1 like

You will prob still want your maternity pants/shorts or just anything loose. Button up pj top & a nursing bra is a must also for overnight stay if you plan to BF. Toiletries. Slippers/socks. Snacks for afterwards. Phone/charger/camera. Coming home outfit for baby, blanket, pacifier (if you want). That's all I took w/me.

Madison M 0 likes

I just packed sweats and tank tops. Just whatever's comfy 😊

Em's M 0 likes

Comfy clothes usually somewhere near what you were in at 5 months pregnant.

Daisy S 0 likes

I packed sweats and a loose baggy sweater. I had a c section so i wasnt even allowed to wear pants when i left.

Tabitha C 0 likes

I packed comfy clothes. Like a t-shirt and sweats. Also packed my tooth brush shampoo conditioner. Extra shoes. And clothes for the baby and lotion for the baby. Pretty much everything you will need for q baby. I even brought formula just incase I couldn't Breast feed

Kaylees M 0 likes

Laptop and charger for daddy. For me: Sweats, robe, big gown, big t-shirt, slippers, phone charger, socks. Tooth brush, clothes for baby.

Jordan D 1 like

Comfy clothes that you can easily nurse with (if you're planning on breastfeeding) a nightgown, 2 or 3 outfits of day clothes. All the usual toiletries. Going home outfit for you and LO. A hair tie. Flip flops for the shower. Comfy bras. I think that's pretty much all I used out of all the extra stuff I packed.

Keeva's M 1 like

In addition to what above momma's mentioned , I took sanitary napkins, some dry snacks l like, feeding pillow(was not able to use as I had csection) , $1 bills for vending machine, heatpad, bathroom essentials 😊 good luck !!

Kisha O 0 likes

Pack something that fit you when you were about six months pregnant. Also I packed LO's going home outfit, receiving blankets, snacks, and clothes for my SO.

C B 0 likes

A simple loose dress (I think it was a maternity dress from Walmart or gap) worked perfect for me. Otherwise, phone, camera and charger. Snacks.

Brie A 0 likes

Night gown, undies, nursing bra, loose fitting gym pants, massage oil, snacks, diaper bag with clothes, music player, pillow from home, comfy socks with grips on the bottom or slippers, hoody that zippers because it gets chilly in the hospital.

Chelsea A 0 likes

I over packed. I stayed in the hospital gowns so I didn't get blood on my clothes. I didn't even wear the underwear I had I wore the mesh panties until the day I got discharged. I would just pack a going home outfit and yes maternity clothes. A tooth brush tooth paste, hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, make up if you'll even feel like putting it on, hair ties, extra pads(even though the hospital will provide them), phone charger, a tablet or some kind of entertaining device.

Lainie T 0 likes

I brought a gown n a few loose outfits n several newborn outfits she went through newborn clothes like crazy in the hospital always good to pack extra just incase

Cassandra K 0 likes

Wow! Thanks ladies. That's a lot of stuff to pack.

Brittany R 0 likes

I took yoga stretch pants an sweat pants an baggy shirts anything that will feel comfortable

Krista M 0 likes

I would pack something very loose fitting to go home in. I was still very swollen

Ethan's M 0 likes

I would bring dresses because I didn't want anything around my waist especially if you have a c-section

Kade's M 0 likes

i brought comfy clothes for mommy, cute outfit/hat/etc for new baby, snacks for u and daddy, and toiletries! i know it seems like a lot.. dont forget phone charger, maybe some magazines or a book?

Abby P 1 like

I know this doesn't have to do with a hospital bag but what I have been doing since I'm so close to my due date I have also been making dinners and freezing them so when we get home all we have to do is throw them in the oven !! ☺️

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