When introducing solids, (I have 5.5 months old son), I hear you're supposed to introduce one type of food at a time and wait for three days. I guess that means only formula or breast milk for those 3 days?

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So my pediatrician told me wait a week before introducing "new foods!" For example sweet potato/breastmilk 1st week. Sweet potato, green beans, breastmilk 2nd week. Sweet potato, green beans, apples breastmilk 3rd week. The reason for this is if your baby has a food allergy, they can pinpoint what you were feeding them. If you introduce new/too many foods it will be hard to tell. That's why you want to keep it simple.

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Exactly. My doctor said. Try the same food for a week straight. Avoid any mixtures of foods so what I did was introduce one food per food and after the first month of seeing what he liked and what he wasn't allergic to I would make a mixture of the foods that we had already tried. My son is 14 months and even the foods that he once seemed to really enjoy he doesn't seem to like them now. I was also told to keep trying them out. It takes about 15 tries to really say they don't like something.

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I never did this and it was fine. I introduced carrots and sweet potatoes first and gave him that first for a few days and then I introduced a couple more after that. I believe they say that because they want to see if the child has a reaction to any food they can narrow it down to what the food was -allergies don't run in our family and generally kids are allergic to vegetables which is the food that I introduced first

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Correction: aren't allergic to vegetables ( they could be so luckyπŸ‘ΌπŸ˜Š)

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You only have to do that if you have a family history of food allergies.

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Our ped said that if your going to start with one type of food, such as peas, give only peas for about 3 days, then if you switch, to do another green food. And so on. (along with bst milk or formula and cereal)

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they want you to do that incase they have an allergic reaction, that way you know what it was without going through a whole list of foods..

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Yes 1 food for 3 day but then you don't take 3 days off with just BM or formula. Here's what we did: Day 1-4 peas, breast milk If no reaction is noticed in those 4 days try a new food :) Day 5-8 peas, sweet potato, breast milk Day 9-12 peas, sweet potato, pears, breast milk Always introduce 1 new food every 4 day just to monitor for allergies hope this helps :)

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You introduce one vege or fruit at a time for a 3-4 day period. Still feed formula and breastmilk like you have been same amounts and same times as always just add a vege or fruit in small amount to 1 or 2 feedings a day. Formula or BM should still be main source of food. Solids are just to learn to eat not nutrition at this stage. So for instance today give bottles like you have been then after one feeding try a little of a vege. Then bottles rest of the day. Repeat with same vege next 3 days

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Then if no allergic reaction to that vege at end of 4 days you can try a different vege or fruit. You should try more Veges in the beginning before fruit as babies tend to like the fruits more bc sweet and some might start rejecting Veges if not introduced to them first. However it is good to do a couple Veges and then pears since pears will help with constipation should some of the solids not sit right with your LO. Pinterest has some good charts on how and what foods to introduce. Good luck

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I don't agree with only have to do if family has food allergies. My nephew has had allergic reactions to a couple different things and they do not have any allergies in his family for 2 generations before him. They can still present themselves and not be genetic.

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I agree Gwen! Just cause no family history of allergies does not mean that your LO is safe from allergies. Better safe than sorry I might add lol also I bought pediatric Benadryl just in case there was an allergy then I was prepared

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You should wait 3-7 days before trying a new food. You can feed the same food during that time just don't try a new food until that period of time is over. This is because if baby has an allergic reaction to the food, you'll know which food. After you know that baby isnt allergic you can feed that food to baby whenever even if you are trying a new food. Does that make sense?

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Also make sure baby breastfeeds or gets bottle before offering foods. BM or formula are still babies #1 source of nutrition until 1 year old!

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I got the same advice. Most children have allergies when their parents and/or siblings had allergies to food. And of course there are those with no family history. I gave my son Ellas kitchen brand which had mixed fruits and veggies and since they were good only for 48 hours after opening I just moved on to a new mixture. He was fine. It's really up to you and your best judgement.

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Thanks so much fellow moms!

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