When I pack my sons hospital bag for delivery do I need to take diapers or will the hospital provide them for him?

Hailey A 2 likes

They will give them to you along with wipes too!!

Jade F 2 likes

Hospital will have them and you can take theirs home! Don't bring any 😁

Nicole M 1 like

They give Wipes n diapers n formula if u need tell them you need more diapers n wipes even if u dnt so u can take sum home:)

Brittani C 1 like

They provide them :)

Mommy M 0 likes

You don't have to take diapers ..they will provide

Sam L 1 like

They will have them but depending on how far away from the hospital you live you will want to bring some they don't give you any when you leave. But they will provide them for you while you are there. Good luck mama hope everything goes well and enjoy every minute with your little one.

Diane L 2 likes

Dont bring anything! All you need it a set of clothes for your baby and a nice blanket to keep him warm and thats good! They provide everything

Tara T 1 like

The hospital provides everything you would need for your little one while you are there!!

Tara T 2 likes

The hospital provides everything you would need for your little one while you are there!!

Brooke B 1 like

I packed a big bag and didn't use anything! The hospital I delivered at wouldn't even let me use my own burp cloth until I was actually released. Of course every hospital is different but you shouldn't need diapers or wipes.

Tiffany P 0 likes

The hospital will give you diapers but you might want to take your own diaper cream. Nurses need a doctor's order to give diaper cream so it can be hard to come by, but they do let you use your own. You may think this sounds silly- needing diaper cream for a brand new baby, but my son had terrible diarrhea for the first week of life and he developed a rash. I asked for the cream and the delay in getting the cream made the rash worse.

Alycia W 1 like

Yes they will supply you with diapers and wipes. Keep in mind I don't know if every hospital does this or if it was just mine but along with diapers they gave us SENTED wipes. No no. I was not for that. Newborns do not need SENTED wipes. I have a daughter and I do not and will never put any SENTED wipes on her. So be aware of that! Luckily I packed everything that I felt was right and comfortable for me and baby

Julia T 2 likes

They usually provide diapers and wipes. Also, don't forget to take whatever you don't use in the hospital;) so you can have some extra..

Alycia W 3 likes

Also when I packed my bags I had two outfits for baby and for me I had yoga pants and two nursing tanks and a sweater. And of course all the other random things. But what you don't know when you are preparing your bag is how long you are actually going to stay. I had my daughter on a Wednesday and we didn't leave the hospital till Saturday due to her being jaundice. So we weren't prepared for that. My parents had to make a trip or two for more clothes for baby and me. Just some more advice!

Kayla 1 like

Our hospital provided Pampers Swaddlers, wipes, blankets, etc while we were there. They sent us home with a pack of diapers, wipes, nose sucker, hat, and teddy bear :)

KW β 1 like

They gave us soooo many diapers! Pampers and Huggies so we could choose what we wanted and we got to take them all home. Formula too since my LO wouldn't latch and she was so hungry. I wasn't pumping enough to fill her up.

Brooke M 1 like

Hospital will have them...be sure to take the extra that you don't use home with you! You're charged for them anyways.

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