I'm 10 weeks (4th pregnancy) but why do I keep feeling little flutters (which feel like how kicks feel) in my stomach this cannot be movement this soon can it? I don't think it's gas either anyone ever experience this ???? 😳

Angie F 1 like

I'm not even pregnant & I still get flutters hehehe my doc said it's normal

Heather 1 like

My sister started feeling baby kicking at 7 weeks so it is definitly possible that that is what you are feeling.

Teri L 1 like

I did with my second but your baby is still really small and probably doesn't have legs yet. I think it's excitement for anticipation!

Denyze A 1 like

Thats what it is.... The baby kicking... I had 4 kiddos so yup definetly it is!!! :) congrats!!

Maraiah S 1 like

It's very possible I thought I was going crazy too but because you are the mom don't make your feelings invalid like your older children you know when they aren't themselves or you can tell something's wrong same with pregnancies

Mad C 2 likes

Phantom kicks! You are remembering the feelings from before. :)

Lindsey P 1 like

I've heard it's possible that early. Especially after the first pregnancy.

Ciara B 1 like

Everyone is different u know? Ask ur doctor. Im 19 weeks now and i think i first felt mines around 12-14 weeks or maybe sooner and my doctor said its the baby moving/kicking... But ppl on this app said it was just gas. Which is ridiculous bc if im not usually a gassy person, pregnant or not. I think i know what im feeling

Kris L 1 like

Thanks Denzye 😊 Ciara and I just started feeling them over the weekend so I'm definitely going to ask my Doc he thinks I'm actually further along than I think I'm so ready for a ultrasound

Rachel B 0 likes

My mother had six and she said she felt her babies kicking really early after she had her first two because she knew how it felt already! I was upset at her because I couldn't feel mine kicking until like thirty weeks! Your really lucky :-) congratulations!!

Leslie D 1 like

I felt movement with my third at 10 weeks. :)

Leslie D 0 likes

I was told could be twins but it was just how she was sitting and usually you feel and show earlier with every pregnancy

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