When do you put your child in a toddler bed?

Mad C 1 like

Around 2

Lauren @ 2 likes

We waited until it was necessary--either there was a baby on the way who needed the crib, or they started climbing out.

Jennifer R 2 likes

I had to at 18 months but wait as long as you can

Ryan B 1 like

I pushed a toddler bed on my son because I got pregnant with my daughter and he disliked it.. Probably because I pushed too hard, but he's sleeping in a pack n' play. He loves that thing, but he's starting to get to big for it. He'll be two in September. Any tips on keeping him in his bed?

Teresa T 4 likes

If they can climb out of crib, it's time!!

Jacqueline M 1 like

I put mine in one when she started sleeping all night. You can start off with just nap time then go to overnight

Katie C 2 likes

Until absolutely needed. The crib is the safest place! If they learn to climb out then you can transition to toddler bed.

Carrington G 1 like

Never put them in a bed until 3 unless he's climbing out, because them it's a safety issue. My daughter is 17 months and climbing out, but I'm teaching her not to bc she won't stay in a toddler bed

Heather S 1 like

When you feel they are ready, I think I switched when my son was almost 2.

Alvina B 2 likes

We got one for my son when he started jumping out of his crib. We were worried about him hurting himself

S T 1 like

We switched at 18 months simply because it felt right for him. We were prepared to switch back if necessary but I don't think we will have to.

Darla R 1 like

As soon as you feel your child is ready. Mommy always knows her kids best :)

Ashley H 2 likes

My son was 18months. He was climbing out of his crib so it was time to convert. You do it when you're comfortable.

Elizabeth G 1 like

My daughter is 2 and she sleeps in a pack -n- play. We lower the mattress and she has never tried to climb out. We are going to buy a toddler bed like next year in February or March. She will almost be 3 by then. But I did put my oldest daughter who is 14 in a toddler bed at like a little after she was one cause my son was on the way and needed crib for him.

Crystal Q 1 like

My little guy turned one July 18th and has been in a toddler bed since he was 11 months. He's part spider monkey it seems & had mastered climbing from the crib even with it dropped as far as it could possibly be dropped. Fearing him hurting himself we transitioned to toddler bed & he loves it.

Sharon B 1 like

My son was in one at 18 months

Amy K 2 likes

We waited till 3 but if they are trying to climb out you have to before they hurt themselves . We were lucky our daughter never tried to climb out.

Monica H 1 like

When my son turned 1. He dosent really like his bed.

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