When did your baby start sleeping on their belly? My DD is 4 months and just recently started rolling from back to belly a few weeks ago. I always place her on her back to sleep but she always rolls onto her belly in her crib. I know they say it's fine once they can roll both ways (which she can) but I'm still a little paranoid about belly sleeping and SIDS and all that.

Heather C 0 likes

If she can lift her head on her own, generally you are safe from SUIDS

Amie C 2 likes

Don't worry mama I've read a lot into the same issue & if she is capable of rolling herself over to get comfy then it's safe to leave her to sleep that way just insure there are no fluffy blankets that may bunch around her face and continue your regular checks.

Bethany C 1 like

Mine did at that age too. Once they start rolling over they seem to decide where and how they want to sleep!

Taryn V 1 like

That was the only way my boys would sleep from day one. They are now 3 and almost 2 and crazy as boys can be!

Mother Of A 0 likes

My son slept on his stomach since about a month old. That was the only way he would stay sleep

Katherine B 1 like

My son rolled over at 3 months. Put your child to sleep on their back but if they are strong enough to change their position they will be just fine no matter how they choose to lay.

Chelsie D 0 likes

When my son naps, I usually let him roll which ever way he wants but at night I roll up a blanket and put in on his sides so he doesn't roll as much.

Amanda A 1 like

My son did the same thing around that same age. I was worried at first too but it's normal and okay. As long as she is rolling over herself and can lift her head really well.

Robyn M 1 like

My daughter did at that age too, and yes it was nerve wracking at first!

Brittany C 1 like

I literally just got done talking to my nurse about this. My daughter is 6 weeks and loves to sleep on her tummy and I was worried about her suffocating because she wouldn't be able to lift up her head but my nurse said she will be fine. And honestly if SIDS were to happen it doesn't matter where or how your baby is sleeping, it will just happen. :( but tummy sleeping will be fine :)

Robyn M 1 like

I stopped using a rolled blanket as soon as she could roll off it by the way... While tempting, it is a suffocation risk.

Courtney B 1 like

My son slept on his belly at that age too. As long as she can roll both ways & lift her head up, I wouldn't worry about it. She is figuring out what position is more comfortable for to sleep. If you still swaddle her, I would be a little leery because she would need her arms to roll & push up. But do what your gut is telling you! Your mama instinct will kick in :)

Clare L 0 likes

Both my daughter and son began to prefer belly sleeping at about 3-4 months. They still spend a large part of their sleep time on their tummies.

Brandi B 0 likes

It's all good, just gotta worry about swaddling. We transferred to a zipadeezip around this time because he kept going in his belly. No blankets either :-) they love their bellies

Michaela R 0 likes

My son is 2-1/2 months old and is holding his head up on his own. He can't roll on his own yet but sometimes he sleeps better on his tummy. So I let him. But only during the day. If I'm awake. Lol. But if they are rolling on their own, I say go for it. It makes them feel more secure than back sleep.

Tere M 1 like

Yes, SIDS happen irregardless... But there are many things you can do to lower the risk of such a tragedy. IE: baby alone in a crib, on their back, no blankets, no sleep positioners, no stuffed animals/toys, no traditional crib bumpers, etc.

Angie F 0 likes

My little states at 4 months...& I lost countless hrs of sleep due to the fear of sids. Def time to put her in her own crib or bassinet and just Keep her close so you can keep an eye on her. Steer clear of baby wraps at this point.

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